Unlimited Learning for Graduates

Unlimited Learning for Graduates

Anastasia Korneva was accepted to the Volvo Cars Graduate Programme directly after completing her university degree in economics. She sees many advantages of the programme, not least the variation between work and education that opens the way for broader knowledge and insights about the company.

It is only you yourself that sets limits on your learning, says Anastasia.

"But the greatest advantage of the programme is the networking. The opportunity of working in three different positions over three years' time builds an enormous network in the entire company in a relatively short period of time. And I have yet to mention the strong network that we graduate colleagues build within this group."

Anastasia sees endless career and development opportunities in the company, not least because Volvo Cars is undergoing an exciting change process. Right now, she is working as a Finance Programme Controller in close cooperation with engineers.

"I never thought that I would end up working so close with the technical area in my role. It is a true challenge for me, but that is one of the ideas behind the programme – to be challenged."

Where do you see yourself in a few years?
"Honestly, I don’t have any specific career plans. Sometimes, the plans we draw up for the future mean that we miss other chances that come up. I prefer to be flexible and open to the ¬opportunities that come my way."

Volvo Cars Graduate Programme is a three-year development programme that aims to find the managers of the future within the company. The participants are recruited to a position and participate in educational modules in parallel. During the first year, the participants work in the business area to which they were recruited, but most of the participants also have the chance to try other business areas or work internationally to obtain a broader perspective.