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Volvo Art Session2011-02-24 to 2011-03-31, Switzerland

Volvo presents final “Volvo S60 Art Session” time-lapse film

Glattbrugg, 24 March 2011 – In February, ten street artists spent five days repeatedly painting, spraying and designing a snow-white Volvo S60 against a white background at Zurich Main Station. During the live art happening, a high-end camera shot an image of the vehicle and the background every ten seconds. Now, after extensive post-production, the resulting final time-lapse film has been presented for the first time.

Final time-lapse film shows steady flow of reworkings of the ‘S60 canvas’
Volvo Cars Switzerland premieres the final Volvo S60 Art Session film. The film shows the steady flow of artistic reworkings of what is essentially a “S60 3D canvas” in time-lapse and revives the whole artistic energy and creativity of the live happening.

Volvo S60 Art Session Film at or
The three-minute “S60 Art Session” film can now be seen online at and is available for download at The Volvo art session webpage also contains all of the “Making of” films about the artists, as well as a selection of the pictures taken by famous Swiss photographer Michel Comte.

The film ‘Volvo Art Session Part 1’, which has been available on YouTube for about four weeks, has received already 40,000 views to date.
For comments about the Volvo art session and more pictures, go to Volvo Switzerland’s Facebook page