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Here we will try to keep you updated on what is happening in terms of Volvo car anniversaries, news items of general interest and important dates to remember.

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  • Arrival of the future, in 1935 – Volvo PV36 celebrates its 75th anniversary

    Visually different from most of its contemporaries, and totally different from every other Volvo car. The Volvo PV36, perhaps better known as the Carioca, is an exciting chapter in the Volvo history.
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  • Classic Car Show, Birmingham 2009 - More Classics than ever

    November 13-15 saw the NEC Classic Car Show and MPH being a success with the public once again.
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  • Gunnar Andersson In memoriam

    Gunnar Andersson – the rally master of Volvo – passed away on June 9, 2009

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  • Tjolöholm Classic Motor 2009 – The big classic show on the West Coast

    Held for the 16th consecutive time, the Tjolöholm Classic Motor hosted an array of more than 1,300 exhibited vehicles representing more than 100 clubs which were admired by 10,000 vistitors.

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  • Träffpunkt 70 – an orgy in orange

    Different shades of brown, yellow, green and a cascade of orange (the symbol colour of the 1970s) characterized Träffpunkt 70 – a meeting for vehicles from the 1970s – which was held in the town of Borås on the 17th of May.

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  • Sixes from Volvo – A smooth 80 year affair

    The four-cylinder 2 litre engine of the first Volvo series of cars had just about started to rev up when it was replaced with a bigger, smoother and more powerful six-cylinder engine, just like those that many of Volvo's American competitors were beginning to introduce. 2009 marks the 80th anniversary of the DB engine and since 1929, apart from a ten year gap in 1958-1968, Volvo cars have been offered with six-cylinder engines. This is the story behind these cylinders in brief.

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  • Volvo Cars Heritage featured red cars only at Birmingham's Classic Motor Show

    Passion and performance was the Volvo tag line for the UK’s biggest classic motoring event the Classic Motor Show at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham between November 14 and 16.

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  • VROM 2008 – Rain, wind and all smiles

    During the weekend of August 8-10, the annual international meeting for Volvo enthusiasts – VROM (Volvo Rendezvous for Owners and Members) – took place in the Arendal area in northwest Gothenburg.

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  • 50 years ago: the PV444 becomes the 544 in August 1958

    When the Volvo Amazon was presented in late summer 1956, most people were convinced that the PV with its already rather old-fashioned styling wasn’t going to survive that much longer. However, the PV with its loyal customer base and healthy sales figures both in Sweden and overseas experienced something of a second wind. On August 25, 1958, Volvo unveiled a thoroughly reworked PV model named the 544.

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  • Volvo’s biggest car news from 1968 turns 40 – the Volvo 164

    After more than ten years without a six-cylinder model to offer customers, it was time in August 1968 for Volvo to unveil its 1969 model range which included a new large car for the more prestige- and luxury-oriented segments. The model was called the 164, with the figure “6” in the middle denoting that unlike the cars in the 140 Series, this model featured a six-cylinder engine.

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