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Here we will try to keep you updated on what is happening in terms of Volvo car anniversaries, news items of general interest and important dates to remember.

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    Bell bottom trousers, long hair, sideburns, platform shoes, miniskirts, tunics and Afghan vests, peace, love and understanding, ABBA, Pink Floyd, brown, orange, green and yellow. The 1970s wake up a lot of memories in all of us who remember this decade, or as someone once put it: "If you remember the 70s, you weren't there".

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    On May 3 1961, the very first presentation for the press of the new Volvo P1800 took place at the Fars Hatt Hotel in the little town of Kungälv, 30 minutes drive north of Gothenburg. On May 3 2011, exactly 50 years later to the day, a celebration of this occasion took place at Fars Hatt.
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  • Success in Essen for Volvo P1800

    The 23rd TechnoClassica in Essen turned out to be a bigger success than ever, not least for Volvo Cars Heritage.
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  • World premiere concerto at Träffpunkt 80

    For the fourth time Träffpunkt 80 - meeting Point 80 - was organized in the park of the beautiful Grytsberg mansion last Sunday. The Träffpunkt meetings are arranged by the "Klassiker" magazine and are nice informal meeting in a friendly spirit, hence always attracting many people and vehicles.
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  • A VROM meeting to remember

    The 2010 edition of Volvo Rendezvous for Owners and Members – VROM – was held on Saturday and Sunday August 14–15.
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  • Volvo Cars own classic car Meeting

    On Wednesday May 26, a group of Volvo Cars colleagues arranged what was called a Motor Hobby Day. All employees that own historic, classic or otherwise interesting vehicles were invited to bring them to work that day, and display them to colleagues and friends.
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  • Arrival of the future, in 1935 – Volvo PV36 celebrates its 75th anniversary

    Visually different from most of its contemporaries, and totally different from every other Volvo car. The Volvo PV36, perhaps better known as the Carioca, is an exciting chapter in the Volvo history.
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  • Classic Car Show, Birmingham 2009 - More Classics than ever

    November 13-15 saw the NEC Classic Car Show and MPH being a success with the public once again.
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  • Gunnar Andersson In memoriam

    Gunnar Andersson – the rally master of Volvo – passed away on June 9, 2009

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  • Tjolöholm Classic Motor 2009 – The big classic show on the West Coast

    Held for the 16th consecutive time, the Tjolöholm Classic Motor hosted an array of more than 1,300 exhibited vehicles representing more than 100 clubs which were admired by 10,000 vistitors.

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