Volvo Cars History

Welcome to travel in time with Volvo Cars. Here you find stories about the events that made Volvo Cars history.

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  • The history of the Volvo brand name

    It has been rolling for more than 90 years now, and keeps on rolling; the name VOLVO which first appeared in June 1915 on a ball bearing. The name was officially registered on June 22, 1915 after a slight administrative mishap, and was henceforth stamped on the side of the outer race on SKF's new ball and roller bearings designed for automotive use.

    • The Volvo iron logo

      Over 80 years old, it recently made a grand comeback as an updated logotype – the Volvo iron symbol. From a less prominent position in the grille of all Volvo vehicles for many years, the logo has now been brought back into the centre. Literally.

      • Volvo as Taxi Cab

        Volvo began making its first purpose-built taxis in March 1930. Apart from a brief gap in the late 1950s and early 1960s, it has been making special taxi models or versions ever since. Few other brands can look back over an equally long and successful career in what is possibly the toughest market segment of all.

        • The Volvo 144 – A Classic for more than 40 years

          Volvo's dilemma of not being able to offer a completely new model during the first half of the 1960s was effectively eliminated in the middle of August 1966 when the new Volvo 144 was first shown. The car was nothing less than a small sensation. It had a new design language featuring clean angular lines, signed Jan Wilsgaard and contained a lot of new safety technology. A future million seller had just seen the light of the day.

          11-14 of 14 results|Results per page:102050