Volvo Car Corporation (including all its affiliated companies) has a whistle-blowing email function allowing business partners and employees to report suspected or observed cases of bribery and corruption as well as possible failures to comply with applicable anti-trust rules and regulations ("Serious Non-compliance Issues"). You as supplier can thus report such matters by sending an e-mail to: codeofconduct@volvocars.com

You are encouraged to sign the e-mail with your own name in order for the reported issue to be handled in the most efficient way. Confidentiallity will be maintained to the fullest extent possible. E-mails sent to the whistle-blowing address are automatically routed to the attention of Senior Vice President, General Counsel of Volvo Car Corporation, who makes an initial evaluation of the report. The decision on further action to be taken is made by the Global Compliance Committee, reporting directly to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors of Volvo Car Coporation. Cases of a less severe nature that will not result in serious consequenses for the company will no be investigated other than if they refer to persons who are in key positions or in leading positions within the company.

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