Supplier Requirements

We value high quality standards and mindset

Certifications ISO 90001, TS 16949, ISO 14001, when applicable: SPICE

Compliance with MSA (Manufacturing Site Assessment) or reliable and robust CCAR (Concern Corrective Action Report)

Self-certification Logistic Evaluation MMOG (Materials Management Operating Guidelines)

Self-certification Lean Deployment evaluation (VCC template) 

Long term relationship

Compliance with Production Purchasing Global Terms and Conditions (PPGTC) 

Open attitude and be transparent in facts and data

Pro-active in communication, addressing issues and driving efficiency improvements. Strong program management and competence

Compliance with "Basic Working Conditions and Employment Status  referred to in Global Terms and Conditions  

Have a mindset that strives for continuous improvement and customer satisfaction

Always have high quality standards and a quality mindset

Corporate standard 

Use EDI for flexible and efficient communication

Drive and lead new technology innovation

Apply a lean thinking in the process to reduce waste