Volvo Cars' Approach to Sustainability

A Sustainable Approach to Business

Approach to sustainabilitySustainable development comprises three elements – Economy, Environment and Social Responsibility, which for Volvo Cars means the following priorities:

Profitability for Volvo Cars means a long-term good deal for the company, the customer and society in general. The goal of Volvo Cars is to profitably sell cars in the premium segment. The key to success is to design cars around people – cars that match customer dreams and requirements. This includes Scandinavian design, smart engineering art and intuitive application. An aggressive product plan, including investment in new plants and product development in China, offers the potential for profitable growth.

Environmental care
Volvo Cars approaches this responsibility with a holistic perspective, involving the environmental adaptation of a car's entire life cycle. The cars are what truly exemplify Volvo Cars' environmental strategy. Efficient engines, electrification and a new platform pave the way for making the company among the leaders in terms of fuel efficiency and lowered carbon dioxide emissions. A fleet of fully battery-powered C30 Electric is already on the road and in 2012, we delivered the world’s first plug-in hybrid with a diesel engine to its initial customers. Volvo Cars continues to introduce cars that will have reduced impact on the environment, without losing sight of the driving experience the customers have come to expect.

Volvo Cars' vision is that by 2020, no serious injuries or fatalities will occur in a new Volvo car. That the company’s safety focus applies equally to new, electric cars has been demonstrated in unique crash-safety tests in which high-voltage batteries and cables remained undamaged following collision. Safety programmes are based on research in the behavioural sciences and findings from real traffic situations, which has resulted successful pioneering innovations. Volvo Car Group's leadership in car safety was confirmed in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s (IIHS) 2012 Top Safety Pick award where no less than five Volvo models earned a Top Safety Pick.