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Volvo Car Group is issuing this Code of Conduct handbook as a global group of companies. This handbook is about our ethical values, in other words, about how we are doing business at Volvo Cars. It provides guidance on what is expected and required of each of us as we work towards achieving our 2020 objectives.

To reach our goals - it is not only important what we do, but also how we do it. Volvo Cars’s reputation - and in the end our growth and profitability - is affected by the way employees act within the company or in relations to external parties. It is important that we always act with a high degree of ethics and integrity so we can earn and maintain the trust of our customers, our stakeholders and the communities where we are operating.

It is vital that our Board of Directors and we as employees take pride in, adhere to and follow the standards described in this Code of Conduct handbook.

Volvo Cars is a human centric company that deeply cares about people. In our Corporate Strategy we focus on our products, our brand and our culture. We aspire to be the employer of choice and we want to encourage a corporate culture with committed, engaged and passionate people, prepared to aim high and move fast with mutual respect for each other.

I hope this handbook will guide and support you in your important and valuable work for Volvo Cars.

Håkan Samuelsson
President & CEO
Volvo Car Group