Volvo Car Group Heritage

The word Volvo is Latin for ‘I roll’ and is more than 2,000 years old. The Volvo brand is almost 100 years old in itself and since 1927 Volvo vehicles with the well-known iron mark have been rolling all over the world. Everything developed since the very first car came out from the factory in Gothenburg has contributed to a company with a truly fantastic history, full of interesting people, vehicles and events. All together this makes up our proud heritage, which every Volvo employee is part of treasuring.

It is important to understand our history in order to understand our present. The principles for everything we do are firmly based on Volvo’s strong and sustainable values – as well as passion. Strong belief and dedication among our founders, Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson, were the driving forces that made them build a solid car for tough conditions. Safe and durable, comfortable and reliable. The guiding words were safety and quality – still very much true for Volvo Cars today. And as people became more conscious about the environment, Volvo was the first company in the industry to also add environmental care to its core values and give proof to this commitment by taking on the challenge with exhaust emission control early on.

The core values of Volvo have been evolving over time and new properties have been added. The Volvo car of today – 87 years after the very first Volvo was built – is still based on the original principles, but the Volvo cars of today are far more refined, exciting, elegant, more fun to drive and at a highly advanced technical level. Many Volvo models have already become true classic icons – others are well on their way. They all have in common representing a living heritage built over many decades and shared by generations the world over.

Volvo Car Heritage