What is whistleblowing?
To turn a "blind eye" to instances of wrongdoing often means that management in charge do not get the chance to take action in time and can cause some real damage to Volvo Car Group. Whistleblowing can be described as attracting management’s attention to information about potentially illegal and/or practices contrary to the Volvo Car Group Code of Conduct.

How to whistleblow?
Anyone with a complaint or concern about Volvo Car Group should try to contact the person in charge of the department. The supervisor or manager will decide if the issue needs to be escalated to Senior Management or the Corporate Compliance Office based on the seriousness and sensitivity of the issues involved and the person suspected of wrongdoing. You can also contact the Corporate Compliance and Ethics Office with your complaint or concern.
As an alternative way of reporting Volvo Car Group has also created a whistleblowing email function where you can submit a report, preferably in English but the local language is also accepted, by sending an e-mail to: codeofconduct@volvocars.com

Confidentiality maintained
The submitter will be encouraged to sign the e-mail in order for the reported issue to be handled in the most efficient way. Confidentiality will be maintained to the fullest extent possible.
For more information please refer to the Code of Conduct Handbook or contact the Corporate Compliance and Ethics Office; Erica Wikman, Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer erica.wikman@volvocars.com. +46 733 59 22 20 or Jieru (Liz) Sun, Compliance Officer, China Operations, Jieru.sun@volvocars.com. +86.137.6441.4605.

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