Everything we do starts with people. We believe that a car should be designed to suit the driver, not the other way around.

Our Scandinavian heritage is highly important to us. The classic values of Scandinavian design such as simplicity, functionality and durability have been cornerstones of our designs for a long time. Elements from the iconic cars of our past are sometimes inspiration for new design solutions. Modern Volvos express a calm but powerful confidence in their presence. The materials and colours we use are often inspired by our beautiful nature, adding to the unique and luxurious impression of our products.

Contemporary Scandinavian art, fashion and music are other sources of inspiration. These help us evolve the design and add new energy without losing our identity.

We believe good design is about simplifying people’s lives. As cars grow more and more complex we develop designs that put you in control of more functionality than ever, in a very safe, yet elegant and pleasurable way. This is Scandinavian design at its best.