Volvo Car Group Environment

Care for the Environment is a core value for Volvo. Our Environmental Strategy is based on a holistic approach; environmental considerations forms part of all operations within the company.

In 1972, Volvo stated at a UN global environmental conference in Stockholm that “Volvo is responsible not just for ensuring that its products are modes of transport that work well but also that they work in a broader context in our environment”.

Four years later we released a fantastic innovation that reduced hazardous exhaust emissions by around 90 per cent – the three way catalytic converter and oxygen sensor (Lambda sond). This is still today an integral part of all modern petrol-engine cars.

Today it is the V60 Plug-In Hybrid that can illustrate Volvo Cars’ commitment to always be ahead in terms of innovations for a better life for all and with respect for the environment. We believe that innovations in technology will enable our customers to have a sustainable lifestyle; this car is representing this belief.

Our environmental strategy encompasses the car’s environmental impact throughout its life cycle – from development, use and service to recycling when the car is scrapped. Greatest focus is on the actual use of the car, since that affects the environment the most.

Environmental Policy