Sustainability is...

We take pride in our role in society. Alongside stakeholders, we invest our time, energy and skills to always be one step ahead, to design mobility solutions that will solve the challenges of tomorrow, today.

This is an opportunity that we seize daily and a promise that all our products will deliver on.
We believe Volvo Cars can be part of enabling a more sustainable lifestyle and a positive future for everyone. We are also convinced that committing to a sustainable development creates business opportunities and will reinforce our competitiveness.

While we do not have all the solutions needed to solve the challenge of sustainable mobility, we have come a long way and we’re working hard to get there.

To us, everything starts with people. It has been a living philosophy since the very beginning, 85 years ago when our founders identified safety as the guiding principle behind everything we do. At a UN global environmental conference in Stockholm in 1972, the CEO of AB Volvo PG Gyllenhammar stated that “Volvo is responsible not just for ensuring that its products are modes of transport that work well but also that they work in a broader context in our environment”.

We are determined to be leaders in sustainable driving, a goal we are pursuing by increasing fuel efficiency, introducing electrification and making our manufacturing even more efficient.

True to our heritage, we will keep creating innovative safety systems that protect not only the driver and passengers but also pedestrians and cyclists. By 2020, our vision is that nobody shall be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo.

We have always put people in the centre. Safety is our foundation, environmental care a natural part of our business and genuine care for human beings a founding philosophy. Only by acting with a high degree of ethical integrity can we earn and maintain the trust of our customers, our employees and the communities in which we operate.