CEO Comments

CEO Comments


Since mid-2011, Volvo Car Corporation has established a new corporate strategy – Designed Around You. This is now the foundation for our business, products and corporate culture. As a human-centric brand and company, our customers are central in everything we do.

Consumers in general are becoming more responsible and more aware of the choices they make; that they really make a difference when it comes to the environment and a sustainable society. The same goes for our employees; people want to work for a good cause, in a company that cares. Environmental care and social responsibility are natural priorities for us as a company with a global presence. Our cars represent a thoughtful kind of luxury and the way we do business should reflect our commitment to the environment, where we take our responsibility by contributing to society, both globally and locally.

Our responsibility as a company stretches further than our own business and employees. Our Company Code of Conduct is an important document underlying our commitment to conduct business in a responsible and ethical way. This is expected from all of us in order to reach our company’s objectives. Volvo Car Corporation supports the United Nation's initiative the Global Compact, which is a global business initiative on corporate responsibility. We have been a signatory since 2000 and we continue to support the Global Compact's principles on Human Rights, Labour Standards, Environment and Anti-Corruption.

Volvo Car Corporation is a company in rapid transformation and we want to be part of developing a sustainable society. However, we will never achieve this without partnership, cooper-ation and political awareness of the challenges facing the automotive industry.

We believe in electric mobility. And we believe this has to be achieved through cooperation between the automotive industry, governments, infrastructure providers, electric energy providers and scientific institutions. In China for example, the government has earmarked 15 billion US dollars to support its domestic vehicle industry’s research and development in the field of electrification.

Important pioneering research into a new Scalable Product Architecture is under development within the R&D, manufacturing and purchasing units at Volvo Car Corporation, along with new fuel-efficient four cylinder engines. We are also extremely dedicated to continue ¬being world leaders in automotive safety systems, protecting the driver and passengers as well as pedestrians.

Furthermore, we will continue building on our electrification strategy. Fleets of our all-electric Volvo C30 are now running in Europe and China with successful results. To demonstrate our determination to be a leader in this area, we have launched the Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid – the world’s first diesel-powered plug-in hybrid.

European car manufacturers are facing difficult challenges; carbon dioxide legislations requiring electrified cars are implemented without incentives that make these cars affordable for a growing number of consumers. In 2011, fewer than 50,000 battery powered vehicles were sold in Europe, equivalent to a market share of about 0.1 percent.

This figure suggests that the car market will continue to be dominated by traditional combustion engine models and we believe it is far too early to dismiss them. We are continuously improving efficiency. In fact, over the past two years Volvo has reduced carbon dioxide emissions from our diesel and petrol model ranges by 13 percent.

Drive-E is our all-encompassing approach to sustainable driving. It’s the innovative thinking behind a whole range of technologies that give you more power, more efficiency and greater driving enjoyment, while respecting the environment. Drive-E stands for new, efficient and powerful engines, plug-in electric hybrids, high-output batteries, Start/Stop technology, energy recovery systems and even sustainable manufacturing. Sustainable mobility is central to our philosophy of intelligent, thoughtful luxury, and it’s at the heart of every car we make.

We believe that when you combine fuel efficiency, electrification and efficient manufacturing with intuitive, human-focused design and innovative safety systems and solutions, the result is a luxury car brand for the future. We also believe in growth for our company, aiming for a global sales target of 800,000 cars in 2020. New manufacturing plants in China, together with continued investment in our European operation, will help us achieve this.

Aiming to be the Employer of Choice, we realise that none of this can be achieved without the support and commitment of our employees. With passion for cars and customers, we want to move fast, aim high, challenge each other and at the same time show one other and our surrounding environment respect.

Stefan Jacoby
President & CEO