Always One Step Ahead

As the world population grows and becomes more urban, middle class incomes are rising rapidly – not least in countries like China – and the demand for cars is increasing. At Volvo Cars, we are determined to contribute to this development in a responsible and sustainable way. We strive to always be one step ahead, designing mobility solutions that will solve the challenges of tomorrow, today.

Our overriding objective is to develop cars that are both safe and environmentally sound. But we cannot do it alone. It demands cross-boundary cooperation between carmakers, customers and society alike. By spearheading the development of new technologies and creative partnerships, we can make sustainable mobility an attractive and tangible solution. We believe the way to go is electrification, and our strategy involves all levels – from hybrids to all electric cars.

The V60 Plug-in Hybrid illustrates our belief that innovative technology is key to enabling our customers to live a more sustainable life. The coming SPA platform widens the possibilities of electrification, and our new, own-developed engine family successfully combines high performance with lower fuel consumption. Looking forward, the innovative technology of the new C30 Electric demo fleet – such as a stronger electric motor and a unique fast-charging solution – can be integrated throughout the electrification range as Volvo develops the cars of the future.

In parallel with our focus on electrification, we continue to reduce emissions and fuel consumption in our conventional cars. Innovative trials also include safe road trains, where cars travel in convoys led by a lead vehicle. And with our passion for people and cars, we will keep creating innovative safety systems that protect the driver and passengers as well as pedestrians and cyclists.