Keeping you safe

At Volvo Cars, safety has been a founding principle and living philosophy since 1927. Our history is full of world-leading safety innovations - from the three-point seat belt and the rear-facing child car seat, to active safety solutions such as the Pedestrian Detection with full auto brake.

Our vision and target for 2020 is that no one should be killed or injured in a new Volvo car. Road accidents are a serious problem; as many as 50 million people are injured in road accidents every year and approximately 1.3 million die as a result of such accidents.

Over the past 50 years, the three-point seat belt has saved well over one million lives, and it still provides the most effective protection in the event of an accident.

So few people have saved as many lives as Nils Bohlin – the Volvo engineer that invented the three-point seat belt back in 1959. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that the belt saves over 4 000 lives and prevents over 100,000 injuries a year in the US alone.

Our solutions for avoiding collisions with unprotected road users are unique in the industry. While most automotive safety features traditionally are designed to protect the occupants inside the car, Volvo’s ground breaking Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake increased safety for unprotected road users as well.



The ‘Dummy lab’ is part of Volvo Cars’ famous crash test laboratory that opened in 2000. Fifteen models hang in the lab; men, women and children of various sizes and ages – all designed for frontal collisions, side collisions and whiplash tests. Each dummy is an advanced measuring instrument, fully equipped with accelerometers, status sensors and force sensors located in various parts of the body.