On the Ground

With an open and innovative working climate among our co-workers and plants around the world, the flow of energy and ideas is endless. Our co-workers ask the challenging questions, think big and imagine solutions that are beyond what we can do today.

With enthusiasm, alertness, and constant follow up; it is possible to make huge energy savings also at our plants. Volvo Cars Torslanda and Volvo Cars Body components in Olofstrom have together saved about 100 million SEK in energy costs over the past years by systematically charting both large and small energy losses.



We have developed an approach that clearly weaves environmental consideration into the beginning of each project, which makes it possible to integrate truly energy efficient and eco smart innovations at minimal cost. Still, you can only invest so much in technology, then it’s about behaviour and fostering a culture where people thrive.

“This has to be a constantly evolving process, if you don’t stay alert, your energy losses will soon spiral again,” says Tobias Westerdahl, who links local energy optimisation specialists in Torslanda, Olofström, Skövde-Floby and Ghent.

He holds weekly teleconferences and travels regularly to the various production plants.

“It’s partly about leading the process, but a lot is actually about tying together the various groups and spreading ideas about how best to work”.