What This Means For You

Our customers are our greatest inspiration. They are the ones that can place a value upon the solutions we provide. This is why everything we do is an effort to better the driving experience, and the daily lives, of customers.

It’s the design of our vehicles, where technology meets the driver, that is the true test. While technology provides the solutions, design is how we meet customer needs. We want those who use our vehicles to feel safe, healthy and have driving confidence – a general state of wellbeing.

Fuel consumption is important to our customers. We do what we can technically to improve fuel efficiency and provide alternative solutions.

There are two main areas when discussing fuel efficiency.


The first one is the hard, technical stuff, like aerodynamics, rolling resistance, engine efficiency, gearing, gearbox losses and so on. This is traditional engineering territory and we work hard in this area to make the cars better. 

The second one is soft, it is the things you do when you drive. The speed you drive at, what roads you take, when you choose to drive and how you plan your driving. We consistently work to make our cars smarter, so in the future they can make these decisions for you.

Designed around you is about keeping things simple. Putting more functionality in the hands of the driver, and providing a higher level of control – to make sure we protect the things that are truly important.



We are switching to powerful four-cylinder engines, part of the Volvo engine architecture, a revolutionary new approach – successfully tested in racing – that saves fuel and opens the door for electrification.

Contrary to what many people think, the power you get from an engine has nothing to do with its size; it is directly proportional to the amount of air that you can get to flow through the motor. In addition, you can make an engine more efficient if you make it smaller.

“So if you can get more air through a smaller engine, you still get the same power but at better efficiency… and better efficiency equals better fuel economy. Looking forward however, the real advantage is that a smaller engine allows more room for electrification,” says Derek Crabb, Vice President of Powertrain Engineering.

“We’re really proud of these engines; these are true Swedish engines, designed in-house here in Gothenburg and manufactured up the road in Skövde. It’ll be Volvo selling the intelligent answer, making big, lazy engines seem like dinosaurs.” says Derek Crabb.