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Introduction (This film shows MY09)

17841:24058|Hi. I'm Emma. And I'm going to introduce you to your new Volvo XC60. 25887:28499|It's a wonderful car to zip around town in 28865:32313|and it makes me happy when I feel like exploring the countryside.

Key and automatic locking (option)

1097:3657|Let's start with the Personal Car Communicator. 4493:8489|It is probably the world's most sophisticated two-way remote control. 9247:11284|It has some really clever functions. 12852:17105|When you are in range and press the I-button the car communicates with you. 18024:23248|The green light means the car is locked. The yellow light says it's unlocked. 24764:27924|This red light indicates the alarm has been triggered. 28525:32182|And if the red lights are flashing, there may be someone in the car! 33436:35134|Lets go inside the car.

Steering wheel

2011:5825|The first thing you want to do is to adjust the steering wheel. 6347:13766|Just pull this lever and adjust the wheel up or down, in or out.

Power seat with memory (option)

548:6112|The optional power seat has three memory settings. Adjustment is really simple. 6452:10945|Just press this button to move the seat forward or backward. 11415:16822|Raise or lower the seat with this, and move the backrest with this. 17684:20741|Move the front of the seat cushion with this. 21159:25939|Store your setting by holding down the memory button and pressing 1. 26644:30928|The lumbar support is adjusted here. That's it. 31164:35683|Now, this setting is activated every time this remote is used. 35683:39366|This means you can have individual settings for different keys. 39575:43102|It's really convenient if you share the car with someone else. 43885:47229|Now we are ready to go for a drive.

ECC Climate control (option)

1018:5250|The climate can be controlled automatically by pressing the Auto button. 6034:11833|You can set the temperature individually for the driver side or the passenger side. 12120:16248|Just turn the knob on the side where you want to set the temperature. 16613:21028|To override the blower Auto setting, turn the blower knob. 21681:25991|Change the air distribution by pressing one of the buttons in the symbol. 26435:34427|The air quality system can have three settings. Toggle between them by pressing the air quality button. 35422:47387|The left-hand orange lamp indicates that the air quality sensor is disengaged. When the green lamp illuminates that recirculation is not engaged. 48013:53028|The right-hand orange lamp indicates that recirculation is engaged. 53838:59559|Always leave the air quality sensor on to obtain the best air quality inside the car.

City Safety (option)

1828:5302|Next is a world-first safety feature. 6896:12460|The forward-viewing City Safety is a world-first standard function in the new Volvo XC60. 13374:17502|It operates at speeds of up to 30 km per hour. 19356:27062|Thanks to the infrared laser sensor, the City Safety technology can determine whether you are approaching the vehicle ahead too quickly. 28447:35185|If the driver fails to react in time, City Safety will automatically apply the brakes in order to slow down the car... 35735:37590|... either to avoid the collision, 37799:43363|which is possible if the speed difference between the two vehicles is below 15 km/h... 43911:45766|... or reduce the impact... 46053:51487|if the speed difference between the two vehicles is between 16 and 30 km/h. 52114:57652|To learn more about City Safety consult the Volvo XC60 owners manual.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Distance Alert, ACC (option)

1854:9195|The Adaptive Cruise Control lets you select the desired speed ...and the minimum time gap to the vehicle ahead. 9387:17554|If the radar sensor detects a vehicle with a lower speed in front of you, your speed automatically adapts to that vehicle. 17737:27115|Volvo's Adaptive Cruise Control maintains your desired time gap irrespective of speed changes to offer you more relaxed driving. 29178:37485|Alternatively, when switching on Distance Alert, you select one of five time intervals to the vehicle ahead... 38008:42147|... and the radar sensor continuously monitors the distance. 42893:50285|If the distance to the vehicle immediately ahead is reduced, a warning light is activated in the windscreen.

Collision Warning with Auto Brake (option)

574:5093|The Collision Warning system with Auto Brake has a radar sensor behind the grille 5107:8672|that continuously monitors the distance to the vehicle ahead. 9038:15882|And thanks to a camera inside the windscreen, the system is able to detect stationary vehicles as well. 16300:19983|If the distance to the other vehicle is rapidly decreasing, 20027:25756|the system will alert the driver to act with a flashing light and an audible warning. 26467:33280|Moreover, the system supports driver-initiated braking by obtaining swift brake response... 33671:37485|by pre-charging the brakes and preparing for emergency braking. 38321:44721|If the driver fails to react to the warning signals and the system detects that a collision is imminent... 45139:48535|... Auto Brake is activated to automatically brake the car ... 50128:53394|... thus helping to reduce the effects of the collision. 54700:59977|This may be the decisive difference between severe and minor injuries.

Audio (option)

1044:6948|There is a great audio system in the XC60. I'll show you some of its main features. 7209:13531|You have a Dolby Prologic II decoder for true surround sound from a CD and MP3. 14236:22177|You can also plug in your mp3 player in the auxiliary input or the USB input and listen through the speakers. 22648:34063|The USB port supports iPod and USB memory sticks with music files in mp3, WMA and WAV formats. 34298:38635|Press the MODE button to activate the iPod or USB source. 39392:45975|Connect your device and use the Tuning button or the navigation control to scroll to the desired track. 46811:53133|The first time you listen to music from an AUX device you might need to adjust the input volume. 53551:61779|Just press the Menu button and navigate to AUX volume. Then you adjust the volume by turning the tuning knob. 63451:69903|Pressing the Menu button and using the navigation arrows can reach lots of other settings. 70008:75650|Passengers in the back seat can listen to individual audio sources through their headsets. 76120:87457|Select the source by pressing the MODE button. It toggles between AM/FM, CD, AUX or USB/iPod or DAB. 87707:93544|Change tracks or stations, or go fast forward or backward with the arrow buttons. 95033:105743|Another smart feature is the Soundstage. It is used to optimize the sound for the driver's seat, both front seats or the back seat. 106605:110680|The steering wheel buttons control the radio and CD. 111673:118204|With a short press on the forward button you change preset radio station or CD tracks. 118700:124943|Press and hold to fast-forward the CD player or search for radio stations. 125387:129697|The Volume control is simple just up or down.

Active chassis, Four C (option)

2115:8306|If you are like me and really enjoy getting the most out of your driving, you should look at this feature. 12251:21237|The Active Chassis Four-C offers the driver a choice of three handling modes - Comfort, Sport & Advanced. 21681:31477|The Comfort setting effectively insulates passengers from uneven road surfaces with flexible suspension damping and gentle body movements. 31817:35604|This setting is also ideal for slippery roads. 36858:44904|The Sport setting, on the other hand, prioritizes stiffer damping, decisive body movement and quicker response. 45505:49502|It's a good balance of precise handling and a comfortable ride, 49528:53968|whereas the Advanced setting is a pure performance mode. 54256:62145|It stiffens the shock absorbers for maximum road contact, relaying all the road surface information to the driver, 62380:66037|and prioritizing road holding over comfort.

Panorama sunroof (option)

2847:5720|I want to show you the beautiful panorama sunroof. 8097:12173|The panorama sunroof can be opened in two different ways: 12747:19278|by sliding the whole front section open, or by tilting its rear edge into ventilation position. 20767:29544|To open the roof automatically, press the control rearward as far as possible and release it. This opens the curtain. 30354:36702|Move the control rearward in the same way. Now the panorama sunroof opens fully. 37642:42187|Close the roof in the opposite way by moving the control forward. 43075:49162|Moving the control backward or forward twice will do rapid opening and closing. 50546:57547|For manual operation, just move the control to the first stop and hold it for as long as needed. 58070:63190|Set the ventilation position by pressing upward on the rear edge of the control. 63712:66533|Close by pulling down on the rear edge.

Rain sensor (option)

2194:7392|It's a good idea to always activate the rain sensor when there is a risk of rain. 7758:10631|This way you don't have to bother with the wipers. 11415:17920|There is even a symbol in the main instrument panel that makes it easy to see if it's on or off. 19043:23954|Turn the thumb wheel upward to increase the rain sensor sensitivity. 24737:30040|You might want to make an extra wipe now and then. Just flip the stalk upward. 30249:36310|But if you flip it downward you override the rain sensor and you will have to reactivate it.

Fuel quantity trip computer

1776:7366|In the centre of the display you have information about fuel quantity and outside temperature. 7758:13844|This display is also used when setting the adaptive cruise control and using the trip computer. 14706:19879|You access the trip computer by turning the thumb wheel on the left stalk. 21551:27533|There is one function that you might want to know more about: distance to empty tank. 27951:33123|The distance is calculated from the average fuel consumption during the last 30 kilometres. 33384:39523|This means that if you start driving more actively it might not be totally accurate.

Trip meter

2037:6269|The two trip meters are displayed in the main instrument panel. 6870:10527|This button is used to set the two trip meters. 11128:18546|A short press toggles between the two. A long press resets the current trip meter.

Driver Alert Control (option)

1671:7471|If you ever feel tired while driving, you might be interested in the next feature. 10031:16509|Driver Alert Control is developed to alert the driver if he or she is beginning to lose concentration 16848:19748|when driving on main roads and motorways. 20793:26827|Using a camera, the system continuously monitors the car's movements between the lane markings... 27350:31738|... and assesses whether the vehicle is being driven in a controlled way. 32365:38217|Five bars in the information display indicate the driver's current level of concentration. 38504:41299|When concentration drops below a certain level... 41586:44042|... the driver is alerted with an alarm... 44591:48587|and a message suggesting that it's time to stop for a break.

Active Bi-Xenon Light, ABL (option)

2324:6504|The Active Bi-Xenon Light is a fully automatic system. 6844:15151|By synchronizing the distribution of light, Active Bi-Xenon Light will improve illumination in curves up to 90%. 15333:17266|When accelerating or braking... 17397:25286|... or driving with heavy load, the level of the beam is automatically adjusted to avoid dazzling of oncoming traffic.

Lane Departure Warning (option)

992:8933|Lane Departure Warning is developed to alert the driver if he or she is unintentionally crossing a lane marking. 9404:13113|The system is automatically activated from when the car is started... 13322:16169|... however it can be deactivated manually. 16509:19539|Two levels of sensitivity can be selected... 19670:22595|... normal or increased sensitivity. 23353:27271|A camera is used to continuously detect the lane markings. 27637:32888|If a lane marking is about to be crossed without active driver manoeuvres or indication... 33227:36937|... the driver will be alerted with a gentle warning sound.

BLIS (option)

3030:8463|BLIS uses cameras in the door mirrors to detect when a vehicle is entering the blind spot. 8960:12538|When an overtaking vehicle is about 6 meters behind... 12747:21002|...a warning light alerts you, to give you a better chance of keeping clear. And the system even works in the dark. 21551:28604|BLIS is activated when the car is started but can be switched off using the BLIS button in the centre console.

Parking camera (option)

1149:6765|The parking camera monitors the area behind the car and displays it on the screen. 7366:13871|This makes it easier to parallel park, reverse into tight spaces and connect to a trailer. 14497:18991|The camera is activated automatically when reverse gear is engaged. 19487:27663|When backing you see projected lines showing where your car is moving depending on how you turn the steering wheel. 28395:33567|The transverse red line indicates 0.3 meters from the bumper. 33776:37302|The yellow line indicates 1.5 meters.

Electric parking brake

1880:10344|Apply the electric parking brake by first stopping the car with the foot brake. Then press the control button. 10684:16352|When the symbol in the main instrument panel illuminates, the parking brake is applied. 16587:22204|To release the electric parking brake manually the remote key must be in the ignition slot. 22883:28133|Press the brake pedal and then pull out on the parking brake release. 29361:39627|The electric parking brake can also be released automatically. Just start the engine, release the clutch and press the accelerator. 40280:46968|With the automatic gearbox, the parking brake releases automatically when the safety belt is fastened 47255:52636|and you put the gear shift in D or R and press the accelerator.

Storage compartment

417:7627|Let's take a look at the convenient storage compartments. There is a pocket on the front side of each front seat. 8986:12434|The glove compartment can be locked with the key blade. 13061:21681|Then there's the CD storage in the tunnel console. You can actually fit 10 CDs in there if you use it right. 22282:26880|Small objects can be placed behind the centre console, out of the way. 27402:33802|Then there are of course the side pockets, seat pockets and cup holders.

Floor panel

914:5172|Fold up the floor panel to access the storage compartment beneath it. 6112:10266|This is a good place for the warning triangle and a first aid kit. 11102:17319|It's also a good place to keep small items when leaving the car since it is locked by the tailgate.


1201:6060|At times you may want to transport long objects. It's easily done. 6582:10684|Just fold down the rear seat backrests by pulling these handles. 11781:15333|You can fold the left and middle section separately. 19617:24555|The right backrest can only be folded together with the middle section.

Tailgate (option)

1567:5877|The optional Power Operated Tailgate can be opened in three ways. 6530:10427|Press the button in the lighting panel until it starts to open. 11311:13547|Press the button on the remote key. 14889:20453|You can also press lightly on the pressure plate beneath the handle and raise the tailgate. 21159:26514|The tailgate can be closed manually or by pressing the button on its lower edge.


966:7262|To use a child seat in the front seat, you MUST deactivate the passenger airbag. 7467:12617|To do this, open the door and turn the switch to OFF. 13217:19252|A text message in the overhead consol will indicate that the airbag is deactivated.

Paint care

862:4806|Finally I have a message from Volvo's paint experts. 4989:7915|They want to help you take good care of your new car 8097:12667|and they say that it's best to hand wash the car during the first few months. 13165:18105|Thank you for joining me. I hope you will enjoy you new Volvo.

Crossing the line

The XC60 is a new breed of car. Its crossover design grabs the attention of onlookers and gets the imagination going. Sleek but robust. Sporty but sturdy.
The level of safety in the XC60 represents a new level. One example is the standard City Safety that responds if the car is closing a vehicle from behind and helps avoid or reduce impact at low speeds.

Introducing your Volvo
This film offers you a comprehensive and inspirational overview of your Volvo – how to operate the vehicle including visual guides to unique features and functions.

Downloadable Owner’s Manual and Quick Guide
Please note that the printed Owner’s Manual and Quick Guide supplied in your car have the most up-to-date information for your specific vehicle..


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