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Michelin Pilot Sport 3

Michelin Pilot Sport 3 for enhanced driving sensations. Better road holding in bends and shorter braking distance on wet roads. With the Pilot Sport 3 you will have more driving pleasure and very precise steering. The Pilot Sport 3 has been developed to balance tread life, fuel efficiency and road gripping performance in both dry and wet conditions, resulting from experience gained from 13 consecutive Le Mans 24 Hour victories.

Complete wheels for your Volvo

We are now offering you complete wheels for the best driving experience. These wheels are selected to fit each model and tested for rolling resistance, wear and tear and connection to the road under various conditions. This is how your Volvo should be experienced.

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Continental Conti Sport Contact 2

ContiSportContact 2 has a strikingly clear tread design allowing no compromises. The asymmetrical pattern guarantees maximum ground adhesion in any driving situation. This is ensured by the closed outer shoulder section and the pronounced strips of tread rubber around the tire's circumference. Another benefit of this tread design is that it delivers extremely precise steering response, both on bends taken at high speeds and when driving on the straight.

Continental Conti Sport Contact 3

The ContiSportContact 3 is Continental Tyre's Max Performance Summer tyre. The ContiSportContact 3 is designed to combine outstanding braking capability and agile steering precision. ContiSportContact 3 tyres feature an asymmetric design with solid tread blocks and a continuous rib on the outboard shoulder to improve responsiveness and cornering stability, while continuous intermediate ribs provide constant rubber-to-road contact.

Pirelli P Zero Rosso

An Ultra High Performance tyre, combining performance and comfort. Possible combination of PZero Rosso Direzionale (front axle fitment) with PZero Rosso Asimmetrico (rear axle fitment or all-round application).

 Developed for modern cars with electronic drive and stability control systems, the P Zero Rosso is ideal for sports performance providing precise steering response on dry and wet roads. PZero Rosso combines performance with the comfort features typical of high-performance flagship cars.

Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico

A tyre with an asymmetric tread pattern for powerful SUVs. Ensures sporting performance and safety in light off-road conditions. 

Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico is produced using the most advanced and sophisticated manufacturing techniques. It delivers excellent stability when cornering, exceptional handling on wet and dry roads and high grip whilst braking, providing increased safety margins and driving pleasure.

The asymmetric pattern and the all-season compound make the Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico the top tyre in its segment.

Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2

The Pilot Exalto PE2 is Michelin's Ultra High Performance Summer tyre designed to raise both the status and performance of cars, which use low profile-sized tyres. The 
dual tread designs and dual tread compounds combine to deliver optimum wet grip without sacrificing dry grip for consistent performance levels. It is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

Michelin Latitude Sport

The Michelin Latitude Sport is approved for the highest performing road 4x4 vehicles, a specific 4x4 sport tyre construction. Larger and heavier tyres needing higher load carrying capacity at speeds similar to those of the fastest saloon cars.
 This ultra-high performance SUV tyre delivers sport performance handling and is original equipment on high performance SUVs such as Volvo XC90.