From ease of use, to safety, to protection of the environment, now you can have the kind of drive you deserve. With Volvo’s Sensus technology, you can effortlessly control most anything right from your dashboard. And if you’re like us, and think it’s important to protect everyone in and out of the car, then check out the IntelliSafe technology. And Drive-E technology means that your Volvo will burn less fuel and emit less carbon, without compromising on performance.

Efficient. Environment. Empowering.

For a cleaner, more powerful drive.
Drive-E is our all-encompassing approach to sustainable driving. It’s the innovative thinking behind a whole range of technologies that give you more power, more efficiency and greater driving enjoyment, while also respecting the environment. Drive-E stands for new, efficient and powerful engines, plug-in electric hybrids, high-output batteries, Start/Stop technology, energy recovery systems and even sustainable manufacturing. Planet-friendly mobility is central to our philosophy of intelligent, thoughtful luxury, and it’s at the heart of every car we make. Because the E stands for Empowering.

You and your car, connected

Your instinctive link with your car
Scandinavian design is all about making complicated things more elegant – pleasing to the eye and responsive to the touch. Just like Sensus, our integrated information, entertainment and support system that gives you a more intuitive, innovative way to connect with your car. It’s a sensory extension of yourself: technology-enabled driving that’s new and natural. Using Sensus, you can effortlessly control and personalise every aspect of your drive, from the feel of the steering to the mood of your car’s interior lighting. But Sensus won't stop there. More and more, our cars will be part of your digital world, so connected that you won’t even need a manual – you’ll just get in and drive. It’s all part of Volvo’s mission to simplify your life.

Redefining safety, every day

Smart safety for you and those around you
Volvo has been leading the way in safety since 1927, when our founders vowed that keeping people safe should be the guiding principle behind everything we do. Eighty-five years later, IntelliSafe is our complete approach to car safety. It makes your drive simpler, more enjoyable and less stressful. IntelliSafe actively supports your driving using innovative technologies – such as Park Assist, Blind Spot Information System, Lane Departure Warning and Adaptive Cruise Control – to let you drive smoothly and safely. City Safety and Pedestrian Detection scan the area around you for the unexpected and help prevent accidents, keeping you always in command. Inside every Volvo, you’re protected by the high quality Boron steel cage and our innovative Side Impact Protection System. And now, with our revolutionary new Pedestrian Airbag, even those around you are safer. Our IntelliSafe vision is to create cars that will avoid collisions altogether. Safety is, and always will be, Volvo's strength in every sense.