The Accessory Volvo Bluetooth® Hands-free System with voice control

The Accessory Volvo Bluetooth® Hands Free System with voice control

The Accessory Volvo Bluetooth® Hands-free system with voice control is a wireless system that is easy to use. Simply press the call button and it listens to your commands via voice control. The system also has good sound with interference reduction, giving a great call experience. For incoming and outgoing calls, sound from the car’s audio and navigation system are automatically muted.

Voice controlled menu

The voice controlled menu can be used to request system help, call someone by speaking the phone number or call someone whose number has been stored in the system. In total 50 numbers can be stored in the Accessory Bluetooth® Hands Free System. You can also call a number by using a "voice bookmark" stored in the telephone,

Voice recognition in many languages

The system has voice recognition in several languages, such as Swedish, English (US and UK), French (EU), Spanish (US), Spanish (EU), Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese (Mandarin dialect Shanghai/Beijing).

Compatibility with many phones

The Volvo hands-free system with Bluetooth supports all new mobile phones with a Bluetooth hands-free profile. If you are uncertain whether your mobile phone is equipped with Bluetooth hands-free functionality, please contact your mobile phone retailer. When you have added your mobile phone to the system the hands-free feature is activated when the car is started. If you leave the car before the call is over, it is transferred automatically, with a certain delay, to your mobile phone.

Simple to use with integrated help functionality

The Accessory Volvo Bluetooth® Hands-free system with voice control is simple to use and also comes with advanced integrated help functionality. The voice control is also person-independent and sound is transferred with very good quality.