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Bluetooth FAQ


What is Bluetooth®?

Bluetooth® is a new wireless technology that enables connectivity between multiple electronic devices by utilizing a 2.4 GHz radio spectrum that has a range of approximately 10 meters (30 feet). Bluetooth will allow you to use your cell phone hands-free in the vehicle. For more information about Bluetooth wireless technology, please visit

How does Bluetooth® work in my Volvo?

The Volvo Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System enables you to access hands free dialling by connecting your mobile phone via Bluetooth to a phone module installed in your vehicle. You can receive and make calls both in hands free and in private mode and the phone functions are controlled via steering wheel controls and through a keypad in the console section.

On which vehicles is Bluetooth® available?

The Volvo Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System is available on S80 from model year 2007, V70 and XC70 from model year 2008 and on C30, S40, V50, C70 and XC60 Bluetooth is available from model year 2009 and newer vehicles. For the S60 and the XC90, Volvo will not offer the factory fitted Bluetooth® solution (but an aftermarket Bluetooth solution is available). For North America Bluetooth is available as from model year 2009 for all Bluetooth enabled vehicles.

Are all Bluetooth® phones compatible with the system?

No, not all Bluetooth® phones are compatible, phones must have the Bluetooth hands-free profile to be able to connect with the Volvo vehicle. Furthermore, when connected to the Volvo Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System, mobile phones have varied level of implemented functionality. And not all functions in the system are available with all phones.

Volvo will continually evaluate and test existing and newly released Bluetooth phones to help ensure quality operation and compatibility. The test results will be published on this web site and should also be available at your local Volvo dealership.

Which phones are compatible with my Volvo?

In the "Find a phone" section at the landing page of this website you will find a list of all phones tested with the Volvo Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System. Select your region and a phone manufacturer to find out more. Telephones will have varying degree of compatibility with the Bluetooth system in your vehicle, functionality is listed on the "Specifications" page. Telephones that are marked "Red" for major calling functions like making, accepting, and ending phone calls are generally not recommended by Volvo.

Will a Bluetooth®-enabled phone that is not on the list work?

If your phone is not on the Volvo-tested phone list, full or limited functions may be available. But since Volvo has not tested the telephone, no indications of whether the Volvo Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone system will operate correctly, or to its fullest capability, can be given.

When will new Bluetooth® phones be listed?

Volvo will continually test new Bluetooth® phones as they become available and the test results will be published on this website. Volvo's ambition is to test as many of the most popular telephones as possible but with a special focus on high-end models from the largest telephone manufacturers. Since phone popularity varies significantly between nations, Volvo will not be able to provide testing that covers all the best-selling Bluetooth phones in all markets. For more information please contact your local Volvo dealership.

Why isn't my current Bluetooth® phone listed?

Existing Bluetooth® phones that are not listed are most probably not tested. A non-tested phone may be tested at a later point in time or it may not be tested at all. Because of the high number of new Bluetooth phones being introduced to the marketplace, Volvo will not be able to test all phones. In a few cases, a telephone is not listed because it has not passed Volvo testing. Major calling functions like making, accepting, and ending phone calls did not function properly and/or the Bluetooth connection was not stable.

Why does my Bluetooth® phone have different functionalities than what is indicated in the Volvo test results on this website?

This can happen if you have a different software version in your mobile phone than what was used in the testing of this specific phone. For details, please see the test results on the “Specifications” page in the “Find a Phone” section. Please check your phone Owner's Manual for instructions on how to update your phone's software.

Your phone can also show different compatibility than indicated by the test results if your Volvo has older Bluetooth® software installed than what was used for testing. If your vehicle was delivered before 2007-08-01 and has not upgraded the Bluetooth software since then, you need to download new software to the Volvo Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System in your vehicle to secure full mobile phone compatibility according to the latest test results. If this is the case, please contact your local Volvo dealership.

Other factors also affect the test results of the Bluetooth system, e.g. functionality may differ depending on what network operator is being used. Therefore the results can only be seen as an indication of what to expect from the Volvo Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System.

Will a cell phone with a Bluetooth® adapter work?

No, only cell phones with Bluetooth® built in and listed with satisfactory functionality in the test overview on this website will operate correctly.

How do I pair a compatible phone?

Pairing procedures for the Volvo-tested phones can be found in the "Find a Phone" section of this website, in your vehicle Owner's Manual or by contacting your local Volvo dealership.

How many phones can I pair?

The system supports up to five different phones. If you attempt to add a sixth phone, the system will request you delete one phone. Only one phone can be used at a time.

How do I change the name of my phone on the paired list?

You must edit the name of the phone before you pair it with the system. Please check your phone Owner's Manual for instructions on how to change your phone's Bluetooth® ID.

Can I transfer my phonebook?

Most but not all phones support phonebook and/or contact transfers via Bluetooth®. If supported by your phone, you may also transfer contacts from your mobile to the Volvo Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System by using the phone's OPP (Object Push Profile) functionality. For further instructions on how to use OPP, please refer to your phone Owner's Manual.

Why doesn't the system automatically connect to my paired phone?

On your phone, please set Bluetooth® to be "ON" and/or "Discoverable" at all times, and/or make sure that the vehicle is marked as a "trusted" device. This will allow the vehicle to automatically connect when it is in range. Please refer to your phone Owner's Manual for details on adjusting the Bluetooth settings.

What are the features of the system?

Once you pair a Volvo-tested Bluetooth® cellular phone with full functionality (see the “Find a Phone” section for details about compatibility) to the vehicle, the following features are available:

  • Hands-free mobile phone operation with a built-in microphone and utilization of the audio speakers
  • Ability to switch between a hands-free call and a private call
  • Phonebook download
  • Choice of different ring tones

How do I use the features?

You can obtain information on how to operate the features of the system in your vehicle Owner's Manual.

Do I have to subscribe to a specific carrier?

No. The system uses your existing carrier.

What is the warranty on the system?

The Volvo Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System is covered under the basic warranty of your vehicle.

Who do I contact if I have further questions or need assistance?

If further assistance is needed, feel free to call your local Volvo Customer Relations Dept. or contact your local Volvo dealership.


Availability of specific features is dependent upon the phone's Bluetooth® support. Despite the fact that Bluetooth® is a global standard, many different versions are implemented in today's mobile phones. Every version offered may not support the profiles necessary to successfully communicate with the Volvo Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System. The test results shown on this website are an indication of mobile phone compatibility with the implemented functions in the Volvo Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System as of the date of testing, but this compatibility list is not a warranty for phone performance or functionality. System performance and feature availability can vary based on phone software version, wireless carrier, coverage, and many other factors outside of Volvo's control. Volvo does not guarantee the availability of any specific feature and makes no guarantees or warranties relating to the performance of these features. Phone and feature compatibility status are subject to change without notice. Please refer to your phone Owner's Manual for details. Cell phone is not included.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Ford Motor Company is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.