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Create that unique look with our wide range of accessories. Personalise everything from the roof spoiler to alloy wheels that will turn heads on every journey. You can even go online and browse the internet, stream music and navigate with our Sensus Connected Touch.

Exterior styling accessories

To give your car an even more personal and unique profile, Volvo has developed these Exterior Styling accessories that reinforce the dynamic elegance of your car.


Erakir alloy 8×19"
Diamond cut
Matte silver stone

Erakir alloy 8×19"
Black chrome

Erakir alloy 8×19"
Diamond cut
Matte tech black

Erakir alloy 8×19"
Glossy black

Roof spoiler

For a truly sporting touch, you can order a roof spoiler for your Volvo – it lends elegance, too, and has been designed to blend seamlessly with your Volvo’s styling.

Side scuff plates

The aluminium finish side scuff plates add an extra touch of attitude to the Volvo XC70 – perfectly matching the sill and other XC70 exterior styling details

Tech & Sound

Navigate with style and ease, turn your Volvo in to a mobile media centre with the Sensus Connected Touch, or use the parking assistance. With our Tech & Sound accessories you can get the full experience of sound and vision, safety and fun.

Sensus connected touch

With Sensus connected touch, you can transform your Sensus 7-inch screen into a multi-media touch control panel. And when you need both hands on the steering wheel, you can access Sensus connected touch functions using the integrated steering wheel controls.

Park assist camera, rear

Reversing into a tight parking space can be a stressful experience – wouldn’t it be good to have “eyes in the back of your head”? Your Volvo can provide that kind of supernatural ability with a camera mounted in the bootlid, which dramatically increases your field of vision behind the car.

Park assist camera,
front blind view

There is nothing more challenging than trying to negotiate tight exits and junctions, which often have restricted visibility. We aim to make that easier for you with our Park assist camera, front blind view, which allows you to ‘see around corners’ with a 180° field of visionto the left and right in front of you.

Rear seat entertainment

The RSE’s dual 8-inch screens are integrated in the front seat head restraints. Rear seat passengers can enjoy a film or play a game – together or separately. By adding digital TV, rear seat passengers can also watch terrestrial TV.

Sensus connected touch

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Pack and Load

Practical or elegant, why compromise? With these pack and load accessories you get the best of both and make your everyday life a little bit easier. To obtain your Volvo’s good looks some of them can even be colour-coordinated to fit your cars colour perfectly.

Fixed or detachable towbar

At Volvo, we design every towbar as if it were a part of your car’s bodywork, making them as practical, hardwearing and safe as possible. Choose between a fixed towbar or one that is easily detachable, leaving nothing in the way when you’re loading or unloading.

Roof load carries

Fitted directly onto the rails, these aerodynamically designed aluminium load carriers provide an easy-to-use rooftop carrying system. Add a ski holder or other Volvo load carrying accessories, and away you go.

Cargo compartment mat,
textile (reversible)

This allows you to maintain the elegant appearance of the load compartment, even if you occasionally transport dirty loads. It’s reversible and waterproof, with colour-keyed textile on one side and plastic on the other.

Rear seat cover

You can use the rear seat space as an extra cargo area with this durable seat cover. It helps protect your upholstery if you need to carry grimy loads or a pet.

Dog gate

To give your pet a place of its own, you can attach our safety grille to the rear backrest and combine this dog gate with the load compartment divider. Then you can open the tailgate without your dog leaping out. You can position the dog gate on the left or right side.

Tunnel mat

This mat made of natural rubber protects your Volvo’s original carpet from dirt and wear and tear. The mat follows the shape of the tunnel and is constructed of sturdy rubber with a subtle pattern on the upper side.

Cargo compartment divider kit

This unique accessory consists of an elastic net and two aluminium rods that can be easily placed in different positions, for example, to separate dirty or wet objects from other cargo. The entire kit consists of an attachment panel, side net and cargo space divider.

Towbar-mounted bicycle holder for 1-2 bikes

Our compact new bicycle holder is very easy to use, holds two bicycles and can be mounted on your car’s towbar in two easy steps. And when the holder is not being used, it’s easy
to store in your car or at home.

Safety grille

This gas-sprung steel grille helps protect you and your passengers from unsecured loads when braking sharply. When not required, the grille – which is colour-coordinated with your interior – folds conveniently up against the roof.

Towbar mounted bicycle holder for 3-4 bikes

This high-quality bicycle holder features an excellent, lightweight design making it easy to handle and store. Using an adaptor, the bicycle holder’s capacity can be increased from three to four bikes. For safety and a contemporary look, the bicycle holder features LED rear lights.

Roof-mounted bicycle header

A practical and stable holder for carrying your bike on the roof. Easy to use, this holder offers great value for money. It fits most bikes with round or oval frames up to 70 mm in diameter. And you can lock it using Volvo’s One
Key System.

"Space design" roof box

“Space design” is a new modern, exclusive and aerodynamic space box that offers minimal wind resistance. It can be opened from both sides and is available in Titan Silver or Black, as well as two sizes: 320 litres or 430 litres, with a maximum load of 75 kg.

Load compartment divider

Used together with the steel safety grille, this divides the load compartment into two sections – convenient if you want to carry your dog and luggage, or to separate grimy or fragile cargo from other cargo.


Nothing is more important than the safety of you and your passengers. And as you’d expect from us, our child seats are among the safest you’ll find.

Infant seat
(up to 13 kg)

Infants up to one year of age travel safely in this rear-facing seat. Side wings help protect in a side impact, and you can easily adjust the padded headrest and five-point harness. There’s a canopy to block the sun, too. This infant seat is also easy to carry and can be used as a carrycot.

Convertible child seat
(9–25 kg)

This advanced, flexible rearward-facing child seat is suitable for children aged 9 months to six years. It’s fitted using the car’s safety belt and is easily adjusted to help optimise comfort and safety.

Booster seat

Volvo’s booster seat helps position a child at the correct height for the safety belt and is designed to optimise side impact protection. The headrest and width adjust easily to enhance comfort, and the backrest can be reclined when your child wants to rest.

Your Volvo. Only with more power

If you’d like to make driving your Volvo even more exhilarating, our Polestar Performance Software is the ideal solution. This Volvo-approved upgrade boosts your power and torque for a truly thrilling ride.

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