The Scandinavian Beauty.

The dynamic XC60 offers a new perspective on urban driving and intelligent features. Order with unique military benefits.


Watching out for you

In slow moving traffic City Safety pays attention – even when you don’t. By constantly monitoring the traffic ahead for slowed or stopped vehicles it applies the brakes to help avoid a collision.

Crossing the line

The XC60 takes a new approach to design – combining the high waistline of the XC range and the sporty contour of the coupes. It’s the physical manifestation of an idea that encompasses active life and a love of style.

Innovations for the love of driving

Sporty driving or cruising? With three settings for different driving styles and surfaces you get the most out of both curvy mountain roads and long motorways. It’s technology for the pure love of driving

Sophistication for the discerning driver

Enhance your XC60 with Inscription, Volvo's collection of exclusive interior and exterior details offering the best in Scandinavian design and craftsmanship.