Car Insurance - A Unique Offer for Volvo Military Customers

Volvo Cars Military Sales has been serving the US military community since the mid-1950's and has sold hundreds of thousands of Volvos to military customers deployed outside the US. Continuing with this tradition, Military customers can now enjoy peace of mind worldwide via our newest exclusive insurance offering. In partnership with Clements Worldwide, a leading provider of international insurance, we can now offer access to comprehensive car insurance to protect your Volvo at the most competitive rates and terms.

The New Insurance Offer

- Global coverage that follows you and your car wherever life may take you
- Guaranteed replacement value for new Volvo’s
- Comprehensive protection against collision, theft, fire, acts of violence, war and terrorism
- Discounts for every claim free year
- No rate increase or penalties for your first accident
- Liability and duty coverage available

Added bonus for Military customers: Receive 3 months off your first year price!

Ensure you are protected against whatever the road ahead may bring your way and add this comprehensive layer of protection to your Volvo today. Request a quick quote directly from Clements Worldwide.



 Note: The insurance is valid for US Military personnel stationed outside the US.