Delivery Options

As a US service member based overseas you decide where, when and how you want your new Volvo to be waiting for you. Your options for delivery are local delivery, direct shipment or factory delivery in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

The Volvo Cars Military Sales' commitment is to put the needs of its customers first. Our specialized staff will help you with registration procedures, paperwork and all the rules and regulations. We provide competitive insurance as well as delivery and shipment services.

For full details about shipping your car to North America, learn more about the Volvo Home Shipment Program.

Local Delivery

You can choose delivery to an authorized Volvo Cars Military Sales agent overseas. The location will be close to your base. This includes the Volvo Home Shipment Program from Europe to a Volvo Dealer retailer of your choice in the USA or Canada.

Contact your Volvo dealer for more information »

Direct Shipment

In this fast-moving world, you may need your car to be delivered to a place where you will be several weeks from now. No problem - that's what Volvo Cars Military Sales is for. You decide where, when and how – and your new Volvo will be waiting for you. Your options for direct shipment are:

To the USA and Canada
If your next destination is North America, you can purchase a U.S. or Canadian specification car at aVolvo Car Military Sales agent outside the US and he will arrange delivery to a Volvo retailer of your choice. We make sure your new Volvo is shipped directly from the factory to a Stateside retailer in the USA - with marine insurance, customs clearance and import duty included For direct shipment to North America, you can take delivery at any of approximately 360 Volvo retailers in the USA and Canada.
* Retailer delivery to North America applies to U.S. and Canadian specification models only. Due to U.S. rules & regulations.
** Import duty included in the export price for direct delivery to the US.

To Europe
We have delivery locations close to all major cities or US bases. If this is your next destination where you would like to take delivery, please contact your Volvo dealer closed to your current assignment place, outside the US.

Factory Delivery in Gothenburg

Collect your new Volvo at our official Factory Delivery Center in Göteborg, Sweden, the home of Volvo. This exciting VIP experience includes a host of enviable benefits including a tour of the Volvo plant or the Volvo Brand Experience Center and lunch at the Volvo restaurant.

In addition, Göteborg is the ideal starting point for a tour of beautiful Scandinavia, continental Europe or the UK.

Learn more about Factory Delivery in Gothenburg.

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