This is an elegant car in a small package

, designed with the driver and passenger in focus, in all respects.



Ingeniously yours.

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Let Your Car Do The Parking

Parallel parking will become a lot easier thanks to Volvo’s Park Assist Pilot, which parks the V40 for you. Just activate the Pilot when the car is next to a space. The car will confirm if it’s big enough and – if it is – will steer itself in for you. This active driver support comes courtesy of IntelliSafe, our complete approach to car safety – supporting you, preventing accidents and protecting you.

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Just The Way You Want It

The V40 features an interactive dashboard with three driving set-ups – elegance, eco and performance – to suit your driving mood. LEDs placed across the interior gently light your cabin at night and add a real sense of occasion to your journey. You can also adjust the LEDs’ brightness as well as choose from seven different theatre light modes to create your desired ambience. It’s all part of our Sensus philosophy, which connects you with your car.

Fun, performance-inspired design for the demanding driver

The Volvo V40 meets the needs of the most demanding driver. Its combination of exclusive exterior and interior styling, and responsive engines create a sporty yet refined 5-door performance hatchback.

Keeping You Protected

The V40 features a range of class-leading systems including City Safety – which automatically brakes the car in an emergency at speeds of up to 50km/h. Thanks to IntelliSafe, our complete approach to car safety, you can drive secure in the knowledge that your Volvo will always support your drive, keep you and your passengers protected and help prevent accidents.