The Integrated Volvo Bluetooth® Hands-free System

Integrated Bluetooth Handsfree

The integrated Volvo Hands-free Bluetooth® System is a smart option for your mobile phone. The system allows you to make and receive wireless calls with the touch of a steering wheel button. Thanks to the built-in microphone and the link to your vehicle’s audio system, you can keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road.

Mobile phonebook and call lists

Bluetooth features include access to your personal phonebook and call lists as well as the possibility to transfer an ongoing phone call from the cars audio system to your mobile phone. Caller ID and your pre-programmed telephone numbers are instantly displayed via the main display and you can switch freely from the hands-free system to the phone itself. Sound quality is enhanced and the system automatically remembers the mobile last used.

Compatibility with many phones

Many phones available on the market today offer Bluetooth® Wireless Technology but not all are compatible with your Volvo. All the mobile phones displayed on this website have been successfully tested by Volvo and the result for each test criterion is displayed.

However please note that this list serves as information only and is not a guarantee from the Volvo Car Corporation of the phone's connectivity, performance or functionality. Software updates by Volvo, the phone manufacturer or the network carrier may alter the test results. For further details regarding Bluetooth® connectivity on your car please contact your Volvo retailer.