Car devices and services

Car Devices

Volvo’s cars come with many built-in and portable technical devices that work in connection with each other, for example Bluetooth Hands-free technology, GPS Portable Navigation, map services and Volvo On Call. These Volvo technologies often need to function with other technologies, such as mobile phones and USB devices.

We also offer great safety gear, such as child safety seats, infant seats and booster cushions for the kids.

In this section you'll find information regarding compatibility, GPS system and maps for navigation systems as well as our offers on child safety equipment.

Volvo Navigation Maps

Make sure your maps are up to date and that you get the best directions possible by updating your maps regularly. For more information and downloadable maps go to our external Volvo Navigation Maps site.

Volvo on Call

Using modern GPS technology with on-board wireless technology, Volvo On Call is ready to help 24/7/365 throughout most of Europe. Whether you're experiencing a minor inconvenience or a critical situation, just push a button. Instantly an alert with your exact location is transmitted to the nearest On Call centre and you’re speaking with a professional problem solver.

For more information visit our Volvo On Call site.