Driver’s Support Specials at Great Discounts*


Getting lost is invariably stressful and a waste of time. And now – with the great discounts we are offering for our navigational systems – you have even more reasons to get one!

Whether it's a Volvo Navigation System (VNS) or a fully Integrated Road Traffic Information System (RTI) or a Portable GPS, you will get to your destination via the shortest route possible… every time.

And with Park Assist Camera installed, it gives you "eyes in the back of the head", when parallel parking.A real asset that protects your Volvo from scratches, dents and repair costs.

*Up to RM3,000, for Volvo car models no earlier than 2003. Please refer to your Service Advisor for more details.


Volvo navigation systems are state-of-the-art guidance systems that can be mounted or integrated seamlessly into the dashboard of your Volvo for style, function and theft protection.

Operation is easy with all settings accessible at the touch of a button, while a widescreen display gives you optimal visibility without taking your eyes off the road.

In addition to being able to see where you are, you are informed of the distance and remaining driving time to your final destination, with a choice of alternative routes. If you need help choosing a hotel or restaurant, you will be given with a list of all establishments in the vicinity, complete with addresses and telephone numbers, so you can call ahead and make your reservations.

However, you are always in charge. Should you choose to be fashionably late and deviate from your recommended route, you may opt for a more scenic alternative!

Choose the system most suitable for your requirements:
- RTI (Road Traffic Information)
- VNS (Volvo Navigation System, retro-fitted Garmin navigator)
- Portable Navigation

Never worry about parallel parking again. Mounted in the tailgate of your Volvo car, our Park Assist Camera provides you with a clear field of vision behind the car, with reference lines to help you accurately judge the distance of objects relative to your car.

It also activates automatically – immediately activating when the reverse gear is engaged, and deactivates upon disengagement.