Oil School

What every Volvo owner should know about oil

If you let your Volvo workshop change the oil in your Volvo according to specified intervals, you don't need to know anything about oil. However, even if you don't know that much about oil, you might be interested to know that Volvo and Castrol have developed a new, fully synthetic oil specially adapted for the new Volvo engines.

The new oil complies with the requirements governing the new service intervals of 20,000 km or 1 year, while the extended intervals were introduced for five-cylinder petrol engines from model year 2005 in a number of European countries. Contact your Volvo workshop for further details.

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Friction, heat and oil

Engine oil has four main functions in your car engine:

1. It reduces friction between the moving parts in the engine. And by reducing friction, the oil also helps minimise wear, heat and noise in the engine.

2. It removes heat from the engine to the cooling system.

3. It keeps the engine clean on the inside by dissolving dirt and deposits. The oil transports the dirt to the oil filter where it is contained.

4. And it creates a seal between the pistons and the cylinder walls, preventing combustion gases from reaching the engine oil.