3 Years Warranty

3 Years Warranty

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Every new Volvo comes with comprehensive protection. Our 3 Years Warranty coverage* gives you peace of mind allowing you to relax in the knowledge that, from paintwork to our state-of-the-art engine management systems, we've got it covered.

*3 Years Warranty : Terms and Conditions

1. The warranty is in force from the date of delivery of your Volvo Car until the date 3 years later or the date when your Volvo Car has
     travelled 100,000km after delivery to you, whichever comes first.

 2. The warranty covers Volvo Car parts, which have, in the sole opinion of Volvo or its authorised dealer, failed or become defective.
     Volvo shall, at its sole determination, have repaired or exchanged at its election such failed or defective parts free of charge. The
     parts replaced under the warranty shall become the property of Volvo.

 3. The warranty only covers your Volvo Car if it is at all times properly used and serviced by Volvo authorised dealers regularly at
     recommended intervals, and according to the procedures set by the service booklet.

 4. The warranty shall become null and void if your Volvo Car or any part thereof has been subjected to.

           a. any installation, modification, addition or alteration, in part or in whole, of any part, material, accessory equipment not
           manufactured or authoised by Volvo i.e. non-genuine parts; or

           b. any actual or attempted servicing, modification, addition or alteration, in part or in whole, by unauthorised dealers; or

           c. any incorrect or unreasonable usage or usage in a manner for which your Volvo Car is not designed, including but without 
             limitation, use of your Volvo Car in severe or extreme terrain or conditions or in motor racing sports or such similar activity; or

           d. any improper handling and storage.

5. The warranty does not cover any damage, failure or loss arising from normal wear and tear resulting from regular usage of your
     Volvo Car from exposure to natural and unnatural elements, or from the overloading of your Volvo Car (Please refer to the manual
     for the recommended load capacity). In addition to the above, the warranty does not cover any damage, failure or loss arising from
     the matters set out in the warranty booklet under the heading "Exclusion from the warranty". The warranty shall not be construed as
     rendering it obligatory on Volvo to replace or repair any Volvo Car part if the seal to such part is broken or has been tampered with.

6. Volvo's liability under this warranty is strictly limited to the repair or replacement of parts as Volvo, in its sole discretion, deems
     appropriate and Volvo shall not be liable for any direct or indirect, special or consequential loss damage costs expenses or other
     claim (whether caused by negligence of Volvo, its servants, agents or authorised dealers or otherwise) or any contingent or
     resulting liability arising out of or in connection with any failed or defective parts.

7. Claims under this warranty shall be made by you by presenting your Volvo Car, accompanied by the original copy of the service
     and warranty booklet to Volvo or its authorised dealer.

8. Volvo shall be entitled to vary, amend and modify any of the terms and conditions of this warranty and at any time or when
     applicable and appropriate due to any circumstances.

9. The warranty shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia.

10. Volvo shall have the right to determine the validity of any warranty claim at its sole and absolute discretion and any such decision
       of Volvo in respect of the validity thereof shall be final and conclusive.