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  • Recognition for Volvo's excellence


    KUALA LUMPUR, 15th February, 2008 : - The Volvo brand continues to be acknowledged for its excellence in safety, quality, innovation and design having received several awards for its cars by the automotive industry.

    Volvo’s very latest model to hit the streets, the All-New Volvo S80, was awarded the inaugural Safety Innovation Award by the New Straits Times/Maybank Car of the Year (COTY) Awards for 2007.

    Launched in Malaysia late last year, the luxury sedan also received the Special Mention for Safety Award by the CIMB Club / Get@Car Car of the Year Awards for 2008 at a presentation ceremony recently.
    Other honors for the All-New S80 came from the Malaysian Women’s Weekly (MWW) magazine, which awarded the car its Best Executive Sedan – Style Category award, recognizing its classy stylish design over other cars in the luxury segment.

    Apart from the All-New S80, other Volvo models were also recognized for their excellence and quality by the automotive industry.

    The international award-winning Volvo XC90, the best-selling SUV in Malaysia, won the Best Safety Features Category 2007 for its numerous safety features by the MWW.

    During its launch internationally in 2001, the car introduced 10 world’s first safety features never-seen-before, gaining international accolades for being the first SUV to offer an extremely high level of occupant safety – both passive and active safety.

    Among the numerous awards the Volvo XC90 has received throughout the years include the “Best SUV” and “Best Safety” award from the British International Motor Show in 2002; “4x4 / SUV Award” and “Safety Award” by the respective United Kingdom’s & Germany’s Institute of Vehicle Engineers Motor Show Design Awards in 2002; “SUV of the Year” from the United State’s Motor Trend Magazine as well as by USA’s Northwest Automotive Press Association for 2002; “Best New SUV over $45,000” by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada; “Best 4x4 of 2003” by the UK’s notable Top Gear Car of the Year Awards; including awards from Sweden, Singapore, Scotland, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Hungary, Thailand and not forgetting awards from Malaysia, namely, the “Premium SUV of the Year” and “Car of the Year” by the NST’s COTY in 2003; “Best Large SUV of the Year” by Autocar Mag in 2003/2004; and “Best Premium SUV” by NST’s COTY in 2005 and 2006.

    The Volvo XC90 was the very first 7-seater luxury SUV in Malaysia.

    Another Volvo model that bagged awards was the Volvo S40 which received the Premium Family Car Of The Year by CarMag for 2008. 

    The sporty sedan with a 5-cylinder, high performance engine delivering 170hp was awarded a 5-star rating by the EURO NCAP and a double 5-star by the US NCAP for its safety features. 

    In presenting the All-New Volvo S80 the inaugural Safety Innovation Award, the COTY panel of judges said they “…recognize the excellence in effort, design, construction or engineering within the industry and environment which represents a significant landmark and a major contribution towards road and vehicular safety.”

    COTY judge panel member and spokesperson, Datuk Dr Teoh Siang Chin said the Volvo S80 is: “A holistic approach towards total safety; incorporating physical crash protection designed with ‘smart’ technology in a combination of passive and active safety features.”

    A car enthusiast, Dr Teoh, 53, who is also the immediate past president of the Malaysian Medical Association, also said “…the Volvo S80 focuses design engineering on safety with emphasis on crash avoidance. The electronic ‘brain’ analyses electronic inputs from sensors that measure the rate of impending collision and warns the driver with audible and visual signals.

    “The system will prepare and amplify brake response. Additionally, the blind spot identification system, ‘sees’ beyond the line of sight and provides a visual warning.

    “While we commend the many safety features which are increasingly included in most premium vehicles, the Volvo S80 represents the current State-Of-The-Art in safety innovation in vehicle safety.

    “Furthermore, the COTY panel would like this award to highlight the need for a comprehensive Transport Safety Plan to reduce the great loss of human potential from road traffic accidents in Malaysia.”

    When contacted, Yamin Vong, editor of the New Straits Times’s Cars, Bikes & Trucks (CBT) said the Safety Innovation Award was a big statement to all concerned to place greater focus on road safety. 

    “CBT is very, very concerned about road safety. We have always highlighted the need for all concerned – users, car makers, the Government, road builders and other stakeholders to place greater emphasis on road safety.

    “Therefore, when there is a car that has such comprehensive safety features as the Volvo S80, we recognized it, and award it for what it is – state-of-art in safety innovation.  

    “It is our hope to make a difference, so that all stakeholders concerned would be more responsible in terms of road safety,” he added.

    Meanwhile, Robert Norrman, President of Volvo Car Malaysia (VCM) & Asia Hub said he was very pleased and proud to receive the award. 

    “This award means a lot to us as it recognizes Volvo’s efforts and innovation into safety – an integral aspect at the very heart of Volvo.

    Norrman said the All-New Volvo S80 represents the car maker’s very latest in safety technology - which combines both preventive and protective safety features.

    “We are very pleased that with the All-New Volvo S80, we are able to compete very effectively with the other cars in the premium executive class segment. It is a truly excellent car that would appeal to the discerning car-buyer.

    “Based purely on the specifications, the details, the ergonomics, the drive-ability, the world’s first state-of-the-art technologies and the great price – the All-New Volvo S80 is second to none,” Norrman added.

    The All-New S80 comes in 2 variants: the 2.5 Turbo (locally assembled), which retails at RM268,500, and the 3.2 (fully imported) which retails at RM398,000 – both without insurance costs.

    The COTY awards was first introduced in 2002 by NST’s Cars, Bikes and Trucks pullout and is endorsed and supported by the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA).

    The Volvo brand continues to be acknowledged for its excellence in safety, quality, innovation and design having received several awards for its cars by the automotive industry.