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     Volvo Car Malaysia launches safety campaign for pre-schoolers


    PETALING JAYA, November 25, 2009 : Dozens of young children at Beaconhouse Pre-School here in Jalan Gasing, were appointed 'Volvo Safety Ambassadors' today after they laughed and learned their way through the first session of Volvo Car Malaysia's inaugural safety campaign for pre-school children.


    The ‘Volvo. For Child Safety’ campaign saw the little ones enjoying a fun and informative safety talk and demonstration, and a 'Buckle-up!' do-it-yourself challenge before being appointed as "Volvo Safety Ambassadors” in keeping with the automotive manufacturer's ‘safety-first’ philosophy.


    Held in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the three-point safety belt which was invented by Volvo, the campaign involves several pre-schools in the Klang Valley and aims to educate young children about the do’s and don’ts of vehicle safety.

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    “Safety is Volvo’s cornerstone, and by inculcating in young children the importance of safety in a car, we hope to promote vehicle safety at all levels in Malaysia," said Volvo Car Malaysia President Mr. Goran Larsson."


    Apart from teaching children on the importance of buckling up the moment they get into a car, we also hope to remind parents about the do's and don'ts of vehicle safety," said Larsson.


    Parents of the Beaconhouse children also received a manual on vehicle safety, titled ‘Children & Cars – A Safety Manual’ targeted for parents and mothers-to-be. Parents can also download a copy of the manual from the Volvo website at


    Studies by the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) has proven that rear safety belts could reduce the risk of deaths and serious injuries by more than 50 percent.


    The three-point safety belt remains the most effective protection for occupants in the event of a collision. It is perfectly designed to suit the user’s body, including mother’s-to-be, to keep the occupant in the seat in an accident. Invented by Volvo engineer Nils Bohlin and patented in 1959, the device has to date saved more than a million lives worldwide and is now standard equipment in every vehicle. Today, the modern safety belt is the cornerstone of a car's interior safety system, working alongside additional features such as airbags, belt pre-tensioners and force limiters.



    1. Ensure that children are strapped in the moment they enter a car.

    2. Do not place children in the front passenger seat, especially if your car is equipped with airbags.

    3. Studies conducted by Volvo showed that children need to be seated facing rearward, preferably until the age of three or four, or possibly older. As a child's neck is weak and the head is proportionately larger than that of an adult, travelling facing rearward allows incoming collision forces to spread across the back and head, reducing the load on the neck in a frontal impact.

    4. For older children, it is important to use a child restraint in the form of a booster seat. The booster seat protects the child's underdeveloped hips and the abdomen by positioning the belt correctly across the thighs.


    Click here to check out photos from the event.

    Volvo Car Malaysia launches safety campaign for pre-schoolers