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  • Back and 'Funned' to the Max!


    Selangor, 23 April, 2010: The car that put the fun into Volvo is back! This time around, however, the new facelift models of the iconic 2-door sports C30 coupe revs-up the funky excitement of the original with two new smashing variants - the C30 2.0 and the higher-range C30 T5 R-Design.

    The new fun-injected 2.0 and T5 R-Design variants come with a host of fresh goodies guaranteed to keep this young, sporty and dynamically-designed Volvo icon firmly in the spotlight, even among those who've perceived the brand as being for older drivers. Being a true Volvo, it's still got all the safety trademarks that define a Volvo, but the new C30 is one for the young, and the young at heart.

    "When the Volvo C30 burst onto the scene three years ago, it signaled a new era for Volvo," said Volvo Car Malaysia President Goran Larsson. "The new C30 reinforces this statement with a new twist to their youthful, exciting design with advanced technology and personalisation options that make for a completely new attitude.

    "Zippy, funky and sexy and a virtual head-turner where ever they're driven, the new C30 2.0 and T5 R-Design are bound to create waves, even among younger, non-traditional Volvo fans," said Larsson. He added that the original C30 variant was already well-known to the hip and trendy after it took centerstage in the popular 'Twilight' movie series in 2008.


    Adding Zip to the New Volvo C30

    Both the 2.0 and T5 R-Design variant come with a host of exciting new features that blend the best of Volvo's world-renowned safety features with cutting-edge technology. These include:

    • 6-Speed Powershift (Dual Clutch Transmission) for the 2.0 version: A smoother, more seamless drive with better fuel efficiency of 8% in comparison with the original C30 variant. Meanwhile, the T5 variant uses Volvo’s 5 speed Geartronic transmission.
    • Blind Spot Information System: BLIS uses cameras mounted in the door mirrors to register if another vehicle is in the blind spot at the side of the car. This intuitive safety feature helps the driver to prevent an accident from occurring.
    • Dynamic Stability Traction Control: Volvo's advanced DSTC stability-enhancing system is fitted as standard. DSTC cuts in and helps stabilise the car if it registers any tendency to skid.
    • Active Dual-Xenon Bending Lights: Moving headlamp beams that follow the curvature of the road.
    • Adaptive Brake Lights: The system measures the level of the car's retardation, and determines whether the driver is braking in a normal fashion, or if this is so-called "panic braking" (defined as a retardation rate higher than 7 m/s2). During such a situation, all three brake lights will flash, instead of just being lit with the normal steady light. The flashing will start after a fraction of a second, and flash with 5 flashes each second. Once the car's speed comes below 10 km/h, the brake lights stop flashing, and the hazard lights start flashing instead. The driver can then choose to turn them off if he/she wants to. Otherwise, they will stop flashing as soon as the cars' speed exceeds 10 km/h again. The flashing brake/hazard lights indicate to the driver behind you that something abnormal is going on – watch out! The system is only active at speeds higher than 60 km/h (37 mph), due to a pending legal requirement. However, if the ABS system is activated, the Adaptive Brake Lights will flash, regardless of the car’s speed.
    • Keyless entry and drive: For easier access and convenience.


    Designed with an Attitude

    The renewal of the Volvo C30 is more comprehensive than is usually the case with Volvo's models. The entire front has been redesigned. This gives the car a radical new appearance from the front, carving out a distinctive personality, clearly separating the new C30 from the Volvo S40 and V50.

    "By integrating greater depth into the design language, the front has become more dramatic and expressive. The angled lines of the front bumper, the new headlamps drawn offset and up all reinforce the impression of speed and sportiness," said Larsson.

    The grille has a new pattern used solely on the C30. It also gets the new, larger iron mark just as in the rest of the Volvo range. The air intake has also grown in size and resembles that of the XC60.

    "The enhancement of the visual volume and self-confidence is entirely in line with Volvo Cars' design strategy," continued Larsson. "At the same time, the C30 has a distinctive, one of a kind expression. It takes just a quick glance in the rear-view mirror to see that the car filling your view is the new Volvo C30."


    More Dynamic Rear

    Although the biggest design changes have taken place at the front, the rear also sports the same deep new lines and detailing. The contours are wavier and more dynamic than before. The black plastic panels have been replaced with more body colour lower down, in the same or a contrasting colour, to forge a closer visual contact between the car and the road surface. Other new interior features include:

    • An elegant and trendy new body colour - Orange Flame Metallic
    • Dual chrome exhaust tailpipes on the T5 R-Design model
    • Two new wheel options


    New Centre Stack - Oyster Burst Déco

    Volvo's ultra-thin centre stack becomes available in a new Oyster Burst Déco version, inspired by the surface texture of the classic Swedish Hagström guitars that became world-famous in the hands of stars such as Elvis Presley back in the 1950s.

    Hagström used the word "burst" in many of its model names and gave their guitars a pattern that shifted subtly from light to dark and back again. Just like in the new centre stack of the Volvo C30.

    Expressive accessory styling kit

    The Volvo C30 also comes with a youthful new accessory styling kit. Boasting a bolder, less polished style it gives the C30 even more attitude. The kit includes fog lamp décor, a front skid-plate, side scuff plates with engraved C30 logo and a rear skid plate with a stylish aluminium look.

    New Attitude, Tested Safety Features

    "The new C30 may be targeted at the active, young urbanite, but hard-core Volvo fans will give a knowing nod to the many safety features that follow in our grand tradition of safety first and foremost," said Larsson.

    The Malaysian Market

    The 145hp 6-Speed Powershift (Dual Clutch Transmission) C30 2.0 is priced at RM215,000 (personal registration; OTR without insurance) while the 5-cylinder, 230hp, 2.5-litre T5 R-Design goes for RM259,000 (personal registration; OTR without insurance).

    Car buyers will be able to view the new C30 at all Volvo showrooms across Malaysia from April 24, 2010 onwards. Swedish Marque's showroom in KL can be contacted at: 1800-88 2222 / 03-9236 2822. Federal Auto has showrooms in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Ipoh, Malacca and Johor Baru. They are contactable at: 03-2274 9300. In Sabah, the Volvo showroom is located at Volvo Gallery, G-900, Ground Floor, Auto Gallery, Wisma Angkatan Hebat, 1 Borneo. Jalan Sulaman, 88450 Kota Kinabalu. Please call them at 088 485 544.

    The C30, the car that brought volvo to a whole new level of fun, returns with more up its sleeve!