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  • A new driving sensation hits malaysian roads

    C30 launch pic

    KUALA LUMPUR, Monday June 23 : When one thinks of Volvo cars, the word “safety” immediately comes to mind. However, Volvo is set to re-brand its image with the launch of the iconic 2-door sporty coupe, the Volvo C30.

    Making its appearance in Malaysia today, the C30 is the Swedish carmaker’s first model in the small and premium car segment and is described as “not only safe but comes with a whole lot of attitude.”

    “The C30 debunks the myth that Volvo cars are only about safety. The C30 is fresh, sporty, dynamic, sexy, fun, zippy, funky, cute and simplicity all thrown in together.

    “And being a Volvo, it contains Volvo’s leading traits of safety, ergonomics, form and function - plus a whole lot of excitement thrown in. With the C30, people will see Volvo differently,” said Mr. Robert Norrman, President of Volvo Car Malaysia.

    The C30’s targeted profile is the young and young-at-heart, active urbanites whose lifestyle is to work hard and play hard.

    “It is for Malaysians lots of zest and energy, who embrace life to the fullest! The Volvo C30 fits these stand-out personalities perfectly,” said Norrman during the launch event.

    The C30 combines the good looks of the classic Volvo P1800 ES and the modern Safety Concept Car, and while safety is still the most important feature in all Volvos, the C30 also comes with a design difference bound to elicit excitement.
    It is a designer car which packs a lot of punch in terms of design, safety features and performance, which ensures the C30 as a definite head-turner.

    The gently rounded front has several features that contribute to the sporty impression, such as the large, low grille, characteristic spoiler and short overhang. The headlamps are set high in the wings.

    The sweeping silhouette of the body sides is emphasized by black wing extenders at each corner of the body and by the long wheelbase. The characteristic shoulder is more rugged than on any other Volvo model, while the shoulder line conveys an impression of movement - even when the car is at rest. The modern and unique design of the rear end is an important element of the sporty image. The shape of the tail lamp clusters delineates the powerful shoulder profile, especially in the dark.

    The major interior news is the tunnel console and the armrest that has been given a completely new design matching the dashboard's unique, floating centre console and with the same type of decor inserts. The aim has been to provide the highest possible feeling of quality while still increasing the flexibility and storage possibilities.

    In the rear, the Volvo C30 is equipped with two individual seats instead of a conventional bench seat. The side panels are divided into two compartments. The space between the seats is occupied by a comfortable armrest and can also be used to load long, narrow objects. The seat backrests can be folded down to provide a large, almost completely flat load floor. The backrests can also be lowered from outside (with the hatch open). The luggage compartment can be equipped with two different luggage blinds - a soft type (standard in certain markets) that can be used with the backrests up or down, and a rigid type that is mounted behind the upright backrests. The front seats are easy to fold down, making access to the rear even easier.

    The car’s bevy of standard safety features include the four-wheel anti-lock braking system (ABS), Dynamic Stability Traction Control (DSTC) and airbags all around for side impact and rollover protection, plus front and rear crumple zones.
    It has Volvo's Intelligent Driver Information System (IDIS) which continuously monitors the car's pre-emptive systems such as steering wheel angle, pedal depressions.

    To overcome "blind spots", the C30 has the optional BLIS (Blind Spot Information System), which features cameras built into the sideview mirrors which detects vehicles in your blind spots and prompts an indicator to flash at the bases of the A-pillars.

    The Volvo C30 has a patented front and rear structure using four different grades of steel to absorb and redistribute impact energy around the body of the coupe. Volvo's Whiplash Protection System and Side Impact Protection System with side airbags and Inflatable Curtain are also standard. The seat belts have pretensioners to protect the occupants.

    C30 launchThe high-style interior is Scandinavian influenced, for drivers who enjoy visual clean modern lines. Its simplicity is classic. Comfort is guaranteed. The bucket seats are all highly adjustable, through power automatic levers. Fabric selection for the seats has been top-class and no expense has been spared to ensure luxury.

    The C30 not only looks dynamic, it lives up to its promise under the hood. The fully imported 2.4i litre gives out 170 horsepower at 6,000rpm from an inline-5 cylinder engine that produces 230Nm of torque at 4,400 rpm.

    The C30 has a top speed of 215 km/h and goes from 0-100km/h in 8.8 seconds.

    The 5-speed geartronic automatic transmission provides a drive that is both smooth and responsive. It harmonises perfectly for the C30 driver and allows a fully-automatic comfort drive or a manual mode for greater active driving pleasure.

    The Volvo C30 is sold at RM215,500 (On-the-road without insurance).

    Some of the numerous awards the Volvo C30 has received around the world:

    • Interior Design Award, 2008 – Ward’s AutoWorld magazine, USA
    • Car of the Year (Import Category), 2008 – J-Motors Network, Korea
    • Best Car Design of the Year, 2007 – by readers of Auto Und Sport, Germany
    • “Sexiest Car” of the Year, 2007 – Car of the Year awards, Philippines
    • Best Design, 2007 – Auto Design & Styling magazine, Czech Republic
    • Golden Steering Wheel award, 2007 – Bild am Sontagg newspaper, Germany
    • Best Design, 2006 – Autobild Magazine, Germany
    • World’s Most Beautiful Car, 2006 – L’Automobile piu Bella del Mondo, Italy
    • Best EU Import, 2006 – SEMA Motor Show Las Vegas, USA

    Configuration:  Front-wheel-drive, 4-passenger, 2-door coupe
    Engine: 2.4i litre, inline 5-cylinder geartronic transmission
               170 hp @ 6,000 rpm
               230Nm at 4,400 rpm
    Transmission:  5-speed Geartronic automatic
    Key dimensions:  Length: 4252 mm
    Height: 1447 mm including shark fin
    Width: 1824 mm including mirrors folded
    Fuel Economy: 9.0 litres /100km

    When one thinks of Volvo cars, the word “safety” immediately comes to mind. However, Volvo is set to re-brand its image with the launch of the iconic 2-door sporty coupe, the Volvo C30.