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  • The all-new Volvo V40 makes it Malaysian debut at Mid Valley

    The hotly awaited launch of Volvo Car Malaysia's latest offering

    KUALA LUMPUR – Volvo Car Malaysia unveiled the new Volvo V40 models for the Malaysian market at the Mid Valley Megamall concourse today. Three models were showcased to the public; the All-New Volvo V40 T4 and the All-New Volvo V40 T5, along with the All-New Volvo V40 Cross Country, a variant with more rugged, sportier features. The new model V40 achieved a five star Euro NCAP collision safety rating with the overall result being the highest ever recorded by the institute.

    Keith Schäfer, Managing Director of Volvo Car Malaysia, officiated proceedings at the widely anticipated launch ceremony, having taken the reins of Volvo Car Malaysia from retiring Volvo Car Asia President, Mr Goran Larson, in the last couple of weeks:

    "The All-New V40 is an important model within a new and exciting segment that shows huge potential. The goal is to take a leading position when it comes to design safety and driving dynamics. The hatchback segment is a growing sector in Europe and in Asia with the V40 setting new standards in this competitive segment. We intend to be class leading for hatchbacks in terms of driving dynamics, and of course, in safety, and the V40 shows how we have put a great deal of effort both into improving driving characteristics".

    The All-New Volvo V40 is the latest addition to the Volvo family, with several new high-tech features alongside the full complement of safety technologies from the larger Volvo models, which takes a further step towards Vision 2020, the Volvo Safety Vision that no-one is seriously injured or killed whilst travelling in a new Volvo car by 2020.

    Available from RM173,888 for the V40 T4 model, RM188,888 for the T5 model and RM198,888 for the V40 Cross Country, the newly launched cars are competitively priced, with technology that would normally come at a much higher price. In addition, the Volvo comes with best in class coverage; five years free servicing, five years free warranty and five years Volvo On-Call cover provides hassle-free motoring for all new Volvo owners.

    Notable features that come as standard are the enhanced City Safety technology up to an increased 50km/h, Cross Traffic Alert accompanying the Blind Spot Information System and innovative knee-airbags for drivers.

    The digital instrument cluster allows a choice of three variations based on the driver's preference; Eco, Elegance and Performance, meaning that the information the driver wants is the information featured largest.

    During development operations with the All-New V40, Volvo paid careful attention to the feedback received from their customers especially in terms of the looks they would prefer for the car. In a particularly tough market segment, the new V40 sets a high benchmark contrasting beautiful design with functional proportions, and on top of this, an agile new chassis which makes driving a joy, by producing a car specifically designed with the drivers’ needs in sharp focus. Everything a driver can feel, touch and control, is "Designed Around You", making the All-New V40 an excellent platform to strengthen the Volvo brand.

    The All-New Volvo V40 features a luxury look and feel that emphasises the aura of a compact car with large-car digital content and characteristics. The driver-centric approach is enhanced with a new, fully graphic instrument cluster that allows the driver to personalise instrument layout and the information provided.

    Additionally, the All-New V40 also boasts class-leading driving dynamics thanks to focused attention to a number of vital areas.


    Enhanced Blind Spot Information System - for better visibility
    The All-New V40 is the first Volvo to offer the enhanced Blind Sport Information System (BLIS), which is now radar-based. The technology can now also monitor and alert the driver to rapidly approaching vehicles up to 70 m behind the car. Of course it still informs the driver about vehicles in the blind spots on both sides of the car, by providing vary tempos of audible warnings depending on the proximity of the car behind.

    Cross Traffic Alert - covering your back
    Cross Traffic Alert uses the radar sensors at the rear end of the car to alert the driver to crossing traffic from the sides when reversing out of a parking space. This is especially helpful in tight and crowded areas where the side view might be limited due to infrastructure, vegetation or other parked cars.

    City Safety - now active up to 50 km/h
    The All-New V40 is the first Volvo that features an enhanced City Safety system. This system is now active at speeds up to 50 km/h (previously 30 km/h). The car automatically brakes if the driver fails to react in time when the vehicle in front slows down or stops - or if the car is approaching a stationary vehicle too fast.

    Full set of crash safety features - including new knee airbag
    The All-New Volvo V40 also features world-class crash safety including a safety cage with effective deformation zones and various grades of high-strength steel. In Euro NCAP collision safety testing, the car achieved a five star rating, with the highest overall test score for any car being recorded by the institute. The driver's side is also fitted with a new knee airbag. It is installed in the dashboard above the pedals and deployed together with the other airbags in the event of a frontal collision.

    Park Assist Pilot - making parallel parking easy
    The new Park Assist Pilot makes parallel parking easy and precise by taking over and operating the steering wheel while the driver handles the gearbox and controls the car's speed.

    Low and wide front design
    The classic V-shaped bonnet is further enhanced by bolder expressive lines. The high-gloss grille is low and wide in order to create a sporty, close-to-the-ground feel. The lower opening is surrounded at the corners by sculpted bodywork, stretching from one wheel arch to the other. The sculptured corners not only add character, they also direct the airflow to improve aerodynamics. The "blade design" of the front headlights creates an attractive light pattern in the dark.

    Wide shoulder and dynamic profile
    The wide shoulder line stretches back from the headlamp with a sharp line to echo the rising beltline. As it reaches the end of the rear door it sweeps up into an integrated "hook", inherited from the legendary P1800. The highlight continues rearward into a very powerful section that resolves into the tail lamps.

    The roof silhouette contributes to the impression of a car leaning forward - eager to take off. The car is finished with a dynamically sculpted rear to further emphasise its width and muscular stance, with the lower area "blacked out" to achieve an athletic, low and wide look.

    Interior - designed around people
    The interior of the All-New Volvo V40 is designed around people with a strong emphasis on ergonomics, comfort and an engaging driving experience.

    The wide instrument panel, together with the fluidity of the door design, creates a spacious, "large-car" feeling. The interior is designed to offer the driver and passengers a spacious and relaxing atmosphere with a true Scandinavian flavour. The choice of materials and colours emphasises the luxurious feeling of quality and craftsmanship.

    Fully graphic display
    The All-New V40 is available with a new, fully graphic digital instrument cluster that expresses emotional functionality, always displaying the most important information in any given situation right in front of the driver. The driver can choose between three graphic themes: Elegance, Eco and Performance.


    In control via the steering wheel
    In Volvo Sensus, all information is presented on a five-inch or seven-inch colour screen in the upper part of the instrument panel. The integrated screen makes it easy for the driver to keep his or her eyes on the road.

    All the functions can be operated from the steering wheel or via controls located directly below the colour screen.

    Audio and information
    The All-New Volvo V40 can be equipped with Bluetooth® technology that enables wireless communication. The Bluetooth connection allows not only hands-free phone conversations but also music streaming from your preferred Bluetooth enabled portable music player. Volvo is actually the only brand to offer Bluetooth music streaming throughout the entire vehicle range.

    Dynamic chassis standard
    The Dynamic chassis is standard. The rigid body and low centre of gravity promote an alert, quick-responding character that focuses on the driving experience, yet without compromising ride comfort.

    Steering with precise response
    The steering column's thick tubing and stiff insulator increase torsional rigidity. This also contributes to the enhanced feeling of direct contact with the wheels and the road.

    The Electrical Power Assist Steering (EPAS) uses an electrical motor to support the steering rack and the driver can choose between three levels of power assistance.

    Range of eager petrol engines
    To optimise the driving experience, the All-New Volvo V40 T5 and Cross Country has a five-cylinder 2.0-liter turbocharged T5 engine with a power output of 213 hp and 300 Nm of torque. Whilst the 1.6-litre GTDi T4 engine has a power output of 180 hp and offers maximum torque of 240 Nm.

    Smooth Powershift transmission
    The T5 version comes with a six-speed automatic gearbox, while the T4 is available with the automatic six-speed Powershift transmission.

    KUALA LUMPUR – Volvo Car Malaysia unveiled the new Volvo V40 models for the Malaysian market at the Mid Valley Megamall concourse today.