Heritage calendar

Heritage calendar

Events 2009: The calendar is preliminary with dates and locations for a number of international and national events of interest for the classic motor enthusiast. Please note that some dates may change. Check the calendar regularly for information. 

July 3-5

Festival of Speed. Goodwood, UK

August 8

VROM. Patrons: Volvo Cars Heritage & Volvo Museum. Gothenburg, Sweden */**

August     28-30

Swiss Volvo Meeting (SVM)/IVM International Volvo Meeting. Patron: Volvo Cars Heritage. Interlaken, Switzerland */*** 

Swiss Volvo Meeting

September 18-20

Goodwood Revival. Goodwood UK

September 20

Träffpunkt 80 / Meeting point 80, for cars of the 1980's. Stjärnhov, Sweden*


Classic Motor Show NEC. Birmingham, UK

* Volvo Cars Heritage Participation
** Starting in 2009, the Volvo Rendevouz for Owners and Members - VROM - will be differently organized. In fact, it will be two VROMs, one in Sweden and one in Europe. The traditional Swedish VROM will be held in Gothenburg on the 8th of August (second Saturday in August) as a one day event, with emphasis on getting together Volvo style and simply having a nice day out with the Volvo Museum as location.

*** IVM International Volvo Meeting will be a full week-end event VROM style later in August each year, with the hosting of the event alternating between the Volvo clubs of Switzerland, Luxemburg, Germany and the Netherlands to start with. All of these are in easy reach of most countries in Northern and Mid Europe.

For 2009, the Swiss Volvo Club will host the IVM International Volvo Meeting during the weekend of August 28-30 in conjuction with their Swiss Volvo Meeting in Interlaken.