Volvo S60 Engineering Team

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  • Pedestrian Detection
    Pedestrian Detection
  • Vehicle Dynamics
    Vehicle Dynamics
  • HMI

The S60’s engineering team talk us through some of the car’s amazing technological features
Jonas Tisell is the manager of the reactive safety functions group. He talks us through the inner workings of the pedestrian detection system, which scans all kinds of objects in front of the car and, using artificial intelligence, is able to predict if a pedestrian is about to step out in front of you. If that happens, the system will automatically apply the brakes almost twice as fast as a human could.
Stefan Sällqvist, the Manager of Vehicle Dynamics, explains how the S60 has been tested all over the world – from the country lanes of the UK to the freeways of Southern California – in order for it to achieve its singular goal of being Volvo’s best-handling, most exciting car.
Per Krook leads the the S60’s HMI programme, otherwise known as Human Machine Interface. Per’s job is to figure out how the driver can interact, in the easiest, most intuitive and most efficient way with the many functions and features of the S60. Whether it’s the climate control, navigation or the various media players, Per and his team ensure that they all seamlessly integrate with the overall driving experience.