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Remote control with key blade (This film shows MY09)

18755:20271|The key has five buttons. 21681:26279|A short press on the lock symbol locks the front doors, the trunk, the load-through hatch 26409:29178|and the storage compartments in the doors (optional). 29126:34795|The unlock button unlocks the doors and the trunk. This button turns on the approach lights. 35082:39000|The trunk button unlocks just the trunk. And there is a panic button. 39784:42840|Press the panic button for three seconds or two quick presses 42893:45400|and you turn on the alarm and the position indicators.

Steering wheel adjustment

1306:3761|The first thing you want to do is to adjust the steering wheel. 5146:8777|Just pull this lever and adjust the wheel up or down, in or out. 9769:12146|Then you will adjust your seats. 12826:15307|This is a little different depending on what seats you have. 15934:18912|Please show me if you have a manual seat or a power seat.

Mechanical seat

757:5015|Manual seats. Adjustment is really simple. 6582:9377|Just pull this bar to move it forward or backward. 11154:18102|Raise or lower the front of the seat by pulling up or pressing down on this and move the backrest with this. 19252:21551|Move the seat up or down with this handle. 22961:25286|The lumbar support is adjusted here.

Seat with memory function (option)

130:3578|Power seats. Adjustment is really simple. 3526:6295|Just press this button to move the seat forward or backward. 7157:11415|Raise or lower the seat with this, and move the backrest with this. 13139:15830|Move the front of the seat cushion with this. 17031:20375|Store your setting by pressing the memory button and setting 1. 21133:23823|The lumbar support is adjusted here. 25103:28395|This setting is activated every time this specific key and remote is used. 28760:31869|This means that you can have individual settings for different keys. 32417:35291|It's really convenient if you share the car with someone else.

Entry to the rear seat – Easy entry

11467:16091|To enter the back seat, first remove the seatbelt from the guide at the seat cushion. 19408:24058|Release the backrest by lifting the handle and fold it forward until it locks. 25417:27454|Slide the seat forward and enter. 28891:32104|Slide the seat backward and fold the backrest in position. 33619:39318|If you have the power seats you press a button on the backrest to move the seats back and forth.

Starting the engine

1776:5537|When starting the engine, you can hear the engine revving at cold start. 6661:10553|This is a feature that makes the exhausts cleaner and less harmful. 10893:13453|This can go on for several minutes if it's really cold.

Driver’s door control panel

2011:6452|You can lock all the doors including the trunk from the inside by pressing this button. 7209:8698|Unlock by pressing again. 9691:12956|All four power windows can be controlled from the driver side. 13296:18128|A full pull or press opens or closes the window automatically all the way. 18546:21472|A gentle press or pull gives manual control.

Loading with roof open

22726:27715|If you want to use the cargo area, and don't intend to open the roof, you can use the full cargo space. 28238:32522|But if you want to be able to open the roof you must fold down the cargo separator 32731:33671|in order to make room for the roof. 35813:41299|Do not place any luggage outside the separator and make sure nothing is protruding through the separator.

Opening - Closing the roof

2821:6844|When opening or closing the roof you should always prefer to have the engine running, 7131:8542|in order to minimise battery drain. 10118:11311|Depress the brake pedal. 12277:16404|Keep the left-hand button pressed in to close, or the right-hand button to open. 18834:22909|Pay attention to any messages on the information display while the roof is in motion. 26174:29936|The windows that are closed are opened approx. 10 centimetres. 32118:35683|All windows are closed when the movement of the roof is completed. 49580:53420|Release the button when a signal sounds and the message ROOF CLOSED 53524:57469|or ROOF OPEN is shown on the information display.

Loading with roof closed

1880:4127|When the roof is open and placed in the cargo area 4649:7732|you can use the loading assistance to load or unload your luggage. 8176:13678|Press the loading assistance button to raise the roof and lift the cargo separator to make loading easier. 15229:18651|Close the separator and press the button again to lower the roof.

Electronic climate control, ECC (option)

14811:18102|Press the Auto button to control the climate automatically. 19539:23301|You can set the temperature individually for the driver side or the passenger side. 24894:28786|First choose side by pressing the right button. Look at the green indication light. 29440:30720|Turn the right knob to set the temperature. 32000:34925|To override the blower Auto setting, turn the blower knob. 36754:39888|Change the air distribution by pressing one of the buttons in the symbol. 41430:46341|The air quality button toggles between Recirculation, Auto or Off. 47647:51539|Always leave the air conditioning on to make the air quality better 51696:53968|and quickly remove condensation from the windows.

Rain sensor (option)

2899:6896|It is a good idea to always activate the rain sensor when there is a risk for rain. 7810:9482|This way you don’t have to bother with the wipers. 11154:14680|The symbol in the main instrument makes it easy to see if it’s on or off. 17031:19435|Adjust the sensitivity by turning this wheel. 20427:24163|You might want to make an extra wipe now and then. Just flip the stalk upward. 24764:29413|But if you flip it downward you override the rain sensor and you have to activate it again.

Infotainment system

4205:9508|You have a Dolby Prologic II decoder for true surround sound from a CD and MP3. 11520:15360|You can plug in your mp3 player in the auxiliary input and listen through the speakers. 16927:19879|The first time you might need to adjust the input volume. 20532:23510|Just press the Menu button and navigate to AUX volume. 24737:27715|Then you adjust the volume by turning the selector knob. 30249:34951|Lots of other settings can be reached by pressing the Menu button and using the navigation arrows. 38138:41430|The steering wheel buttons control the radio and CD. 41952:46915|With a short press on the forward button you change preset radio station or CD tracks. 48535:52062|Press and hold to fast forward the CD player or search for radio stations. 53812:56920|The Volume control is simple just up or down.

Storage spaces

10370:13662|There are many different storage spaces in the car. 13296:18128|In the front seats you have seat pockets, storage in the doors and behind the centre stack. 18573:21342|There is a ticket holder and a coat hanger. 23614:28499|In the center console there are cup holders and the CD storage can hold 10 CD’s. 31164:33619|The glove compartment is lockable with the key blade. 36780:42396|In the back seat there are storage spaces in each side panel, there are seat pockets for magazines 45374:47856|You may want to transport longer objecets. 48248:51147|That's when you open the ski hatch between the rear seats.

Electrical sockets

1488:5093|There is a 12V electrical socket in the luggage compartment. 5537:9795|Consider running the engine if you need to use a high power appliance in the socket.


417:4362|You set the clock by pressing the menu button and choose Clock Adjust. 5093:9822|Press Enter. Use the side arrows to choose the number you want to change. 10396:16013|Change with up- or down arrows or use the numbered buttons. Press Enter to start the clock.

Trip meter

757:5355|There are two trip meters and you toggle between them with a short press on this knob. 5955:7941|A long press resets the current one.

Trip computer

757:4231|The main instrument panel provides you with information about the fuel level, 4858:7558|outside temperature and of course the trip computer. 12120:15647|The trip computer can be accessed by turning the wheel on the left stalk. 17449:21211|The trip computer displays information about Average speed, current speed, 21629:27010|Stability and Traction Control (STC or DSTC) engagement, 27480:33149|instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption and distance to empty tank. 34324:39053|The distance is calculated from the average fuel consumption during the last 30 kilometers. 39497:43702|This means that if you start driving more aggressively it might not be totally accurate.

Left-hand stalk switch

12838:17005|The direction indicators have a short flash option with three short flashes 17084:19748|when you move the stalk switch up or down one step. 20401:22099|This is perfect when overtaking.

Lighting panel

470:4754|Turn the headlamp control clockwise to the end position for running lights. 6608:9534|Flash the main beam by moving the stalk gently towards the steering wheel. 10684:13818|In the lighting panel you can also adjust the height of the light beam. 14393:17737|Do this if the car is heavy loaded and the beam points too high.

Blind spot information system

1358:6922|The Blind Spot Information System is an option that will help you to notice vehicles in the blind spot. 8646:12826|When someone enters the blind spot either from behind or when you overtake another vehicle, 13871:15830|you get a indication light here.

Passenger Airbag Cut Off Switch

705:6373|When you want to use a child seat in the front seat, you MUST deactivate the passenger airbag. 6530:10736|To do this, open the passenger door and turn the switch to OFF. 11337:14759|You will get a reminder in the rear view mirror saying it’s off.


1306:6373|When refueling you must first open the fuel filler door by pressing the button in the lighting panel. 8838:13061|You can hang the cap on the inside of the fuel filler door while refueling. 14106:19853|Close the cap until it clicks. Push in the door until it clicks in place.

Paint care

1253:5564|Volvos paint experts want to help you to take good care of your new car 5720:9351|and says that it’s best to hand wash the car during the first months.

Leather care

1306:6922|Over time the protective surface on leather upholstery may be dissolved by grease and dirt. 7183:10893|It is a good advice to use Volvos recommended leather cleaning products 10762:13061|to regain the leathers protective layer.

Het beste van twee werelden

De Volvo C70 is twee auto's in één en biedt zo het beste van twee werelden. Afhankelijk van het weer en je humeur kan hij in minder dan dertig seconden worden omgetoverd van een dynamische en elegante coupé tot een stijlvolle cabriolet.

Introductie van je Volvo
Deze film biedt een uitgebreid en inspirerend overzicht van je Volvo – hoe je de auto bedient en visuele handleidingen bij speciale functies en systemen.

Downloadba(a)r(e) instructieboekje en Quick Guide
Het instructieboekje en de Quick Guide dat/die bij de auto zijn geleverd, bevatten de meest actuele informatie over het desbetreffende model.

Een gedrukte versie van de Quick Guide of het instructieboekje van uw auto, of een exemplaar in een andere taal, kunt u bestellen bij uw Volvo-dealer.


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