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Introduction (This film shows MY09)

18703:23823|Hi, I’m John Palmer. Welcome to the first experience of your new Volvo. 24293:26880|I hope you are going to like what you see. 33488:39418|I’ve had the opportunity to test drive and meet some of the people behind the car and I would like to share some of my experiences with you.

Unique functions – PCC

1201:7340|You can one of two different key systems, the key and remote control or the Personal Car Communicator. 10919:18050|The PCC has some really clever functions. When you are in range and press the I-button the car communicates with you. 18102:22282|Green light means the car is locked. The yellow light says it’s unlocked. 22958:25077|This red light indicates the alarm has been triggered. 25025:30824|And if the red lights are flashing, there may be someone in the car! It would make me a little cautious.

Approach light

2115:5746|Now, I want you to use your imagination. Lights please! 6556:11702|Imagine you have been visiting an old friend late at night. And you are not that familiar with the neighborhood. 11798:19905|Volvo thought about this, when they developed the approach lights. It’s a small detail, but it makes me feel good when I’m out late.

Keyless drive (only PCC)

289:3085|OK. Let’s go for a drive. 4293:13481|You will appreciate one of the really nice things, even before you enter the driver seat. With the keyless drive all you have to do is approach the car. 16288:32281|With the remote in your pocket, the car recognize you when you enter a 1,5 meter radius. And the doors unlock instantly when you pull the handle.

Steering wheel

417:10788|The first thing you want to do is to adjust the steering wheel. Just pull this lever and adjust the wheel up or down, in or out. 13035:18546|Then you will adjust your seats. This is a little different depending on what seats you have. 18938:23118|Please show me if you have a manual seat or a power seat.

Manual seats

1449:4929|Okay, you have chosen the manual seats. 7493:16688|By the way, these seats are the most comfortable ones I’ve ever sat in. Adjustment is really simple. 16893:20088|Just pull this bar to move it forward or backward. 20533:26728|Raise or lower the front of the seat by pulling up or pressing down on this and move the backrest with this. 27012:33809|Move the seat up or down with this handle. The lumbar support is adjusted here.

Seat with memory function*

3239:8203|Okay, you have chosen the optional power seats with three memory settings. 9071:15123|By the way, these seats are the most comfortable ones I’ve ever sat in. Adjustment is really simple. 15879:23235|Just press this button to move the seat forward or backward. Raise or lower the seat with this, and move the backrest with this. 23678:29718|Move the front of the seat cushion with this. Store your setting by pressing the memory button and setting 1. 29999:33151|The lumbar support is adjusted here. That’s it. 33831:42031|Now, this setting is activated every time this key and remote is used. It’s really convenient if you share the car with someone else.

Starting the engine

261:9038|With the keyless drive I can keep my key and remote in my pocket and all I have to do is to press the brake and press the starter button quickly. 0958:18207|Starting is just slightly different if you don’t have the keyless drive. As you can see there is a slot beside the start button. 18285:21498|That’s where you insert the key, like this. 24137:32235|It unlocks the steering wheel and power up the radio if it’s on. To remove the key you simply press it again and it ejects. 33097:37929|Let’s start the engine. Press the brake and the start button.

High idle speed

1750:6243|Listen to the high idle speed. Some people think this is too high, but there is a reason for it. 6504:11232|It quickly raises the temperature in the exhaust system and that makes the exhausts cleaner and less harmful. 11624:14184|I think it’s smart and I don’t mind, if it’s good for the environment.

Windows, rearview and door mirrors

182:7471|Before we take off lets adjust the rear-view mirrors. I press the L button and adjust the mirror.

Manual parking brake

38:3813|To release the electric parking brake manually the key must be in the key slot. 3918:7706|Press the braking pedal and then pull out on the parking brake release. 7836:11838|With the automatic gearbox you must also wear the safety belt to release the brake. 12146:15725|The electric parking brake can also be released automatically. 15934:19826|Just start the engine, release the clutch and press the accelerator. 20158:29518|With the automatic gearbox, the parking brake releases automatically when the safety belt is on and I put the gear shift in D or R and press the accelerator.

Parking assistance*

182:4832|I know some people don’t like parking in tight spots, but the park assist makes a big difference. 5067:6687|I’ll put the gear in reverse. 7000:12068|The park assist has a display in the center console showing you where an obstruction is detected. 12382:16848|When the obstruction bar becomes solid you are within 30 cm of the obstacle. 17737:22177|We hear a pulsing tone from the rear speakers, indicating an obstruction behind the car. 22308:26540|And it’s within one point five meters. I’ll back up and you should listen. 27167:33018|When it changes to a solid tone we are 30 cm from the obstacle. That’s close enough. 33253:41247|Let’s go forward! As you can see it’s a big car but it’s very easy to handle even when it’s tight. There is also an optional park assist in the front to help you.

Electronic climate control, ECC*

1906:6974|Next I would like to show you the electronic climate control. It couldn’t be easier to use. 8803:19670|Press the Auto button to control the temperatures for driver side and passenger side irrespectively. To set the temperature, just turn the knob. 20871:32705|To override the blower Auto setting, turn the blower knob. Change the air distribution by pressing one of the buttons in the symbol. 36649:40751|The air quality button toggles between Auto recirculation and Off. 41090:47751|I always leave the air-condition on, it makes the air quality better and it quickly removes fog from the windscreens.

Windscreen wipers

2220:9038|I always activate the rain sensor when there is a risk for rain. This way I don’t have to bother with the wipers. 11023:16875|They even put a symbol in the main instrument for it. Makes it easy to see if it’s on or off. 19252:23536|You might want to make an extra wipe now and then. Just flip the stalk upward. 23849:30014|But if you flip it downward you override the rain sensor and you have to activate it again.

Audio system

3239:7366|I think it’s beautiful out here. This is a landscape for music. 8855:17658|The sound system in this car is incredible. You have a Dolby Prologic II decoder for true surround effects from CD and MP3. 18625:23771|You can plug in your mp3 player in the auxiliary input and listen through the speakers. 25547:31660|The first time you might need to adjust the input volume. Just press the Mode button and then turn the volume knob. 32339:37903|If we switch to the CD player or the radio, they can be controlled from the back seat. 39862:45479|They can change tracks or stations, go fast forward or backward or seek stations. 45740:53968|Another smart feature is the Soundstage. It is used to optimize the sound for the driver’s seat, both front seats or the back seat. 54857:61596|When driving I use the steering wheel buttons to control the CD and radio. I don’t even take my eyes from the road. 62119:66847|With a short press on the forward button I change CD tracks or preset radio station. 68571:72385|Press and hold to fast forward the CD player or search for radio stations. 73978:77531|The Volume control is straight forward, up or down.


3500:7288|Let’s stop for a while and I’ll show you some useful details. 7784:13217|I’ll start with the clock. You set it by turning this knob left or right. That’s it.

Trip meter

391:10971|The same button is used to set the two trip meters. A short press toggles between the two. A long press reset the current trip meter.

Indicator, information and warning symbols

914:6217|In the center of the displays you have information about fuel quantity and outside temperature. 6687:14210|This display is also used when setting the adaptive cruise control and using the trip computer. I’ll show you later on the road.

Storage compartment

208:4963|I want to show you the convenient storage compartments. There is one beneath each front seat. 4911:11964|I use it for my wallet when I go for long drives and don’t want to wear a jacket in the car. Then there’s the CD storage in the center. 12068:22778|You can actually fit 15 CD:s in there if you use it right. My wife’s purse fits snugly behind the centre stack, out of the way. 23301:26697|Then of course the side pockets, seat pockets and cup holders. 28186:35657|At times you may want to transport long objects. It’s easily done. Just fold the backseats by pulling these handles.

Trip computer

1149:6974|We are going to head back and I will show you a couple of interesting safety features that also makes driving more relaxed. 10370:13609|You find the trip computer by turning the outer wheel on the left stalk. 13949:18024|There is one function that you might want to know more about; the distance to empty tank. 18991:22700|The distance is calculated from the average fuel consumption during the last 30 kilometers. 22804:27010|This means that if you start driving more aggressively it might not be totally accurate.

Blind Spot Information System, BLIS*

470:5511|On motorways, I always activate the Blind Spot Information System in the centre stack. 5825:9822|This is an optional system that will help you to notice vehicles in the blind spot. 10631:17188|When someone enters the blind spot either from behind or when you overtake someone, you get a warning light here.

Adaptive cruise control*

313:5518|The other system I want to show you is the optional Adaptive Cruise Control. This is my favourite. 877:8698|I activate it by pressing this button on the steering wheel. 9168:18181|Then I set the speed with the + button when the traffic flow feels smooth. Then I can set the distance to the vehicle in front in five steps. 18416:25861|The system monitor the speed of the car ahead. If they slow down, the system automatically apply some brake force to keep the distance. 26122:29805|And then it accelerates again when the car ahead gets up to speed. 30406:35186|There is more to learn about it’s limitations, but it sure makes long drives much more comfortable.

Active Bi-Xenon Lights*

2011:8986|Well I hope you enjoyed it so far. Before you go there are a few more things to look at. One of them concerns driving in the dark. 9064:14341|It’s called Active BiXenon Light. It’s a simple feature, yet very powerful. 14889:21420|You activate and deactivate the Active BiXenon Light here in the center console. Let’s look at an animation. 21342:29283|Active BiXenon Light turn the headlights when you turn the steering wheel. This way you get much better lighting in sharp turns and intersections.

Fuel cap

1280:8019|When you fill petrol you will have to open the fuel cap cover from inside the car. It’s done right here. 9198:15542|There is also an indication in the main instrument showing that the fuel cap is located on the right side of the car. 16822:20166|One more thing. Do you want two tips on child safety?

Child safety

219:8900|To use a child seat in the front seat, you MUST deactivate the passenger airbag. To do this, open the door and turn the switch to OFF. 9227:15423|A text message in the overhead consol will be shown that indicates that the airbag is deactivated.

Child safety lock

1679:9763|It may be a good idea to activate the child safety locks on the doors in the back. When activated, children can not open the doors from the inside. 10083:15839|To activate, open the door and turn the button to the lock position.

The end!

1174:3138|Thank you for taking your time. 3378:6222|If you want to know more, please explore the in-depth chapters. 6650:8818|I hope you will enjoy your new Volvo.

Zelfzeker, voornaam en verfijnd

De Volvo S80 is een stijlvolle topklasse sedan die superieure veiligheid koppelt aan een gevoel van welbehagen en rijgenot. De S80 heeft een ranke, elegante en discrete vormgeving die de persoonlijkheid van zijn rijder weerspiegelt – zelfzeker, voornaam, professioneel en verfijnd.

Introductie van je Volvo
Deze film biedt een uitgebreid en inspirerend overzicht van je Volvo – hoe je de auto bedient en visuele handleidingen bij speciale functies en systemen.

Downloadba(a)r(e) instructieboekje en Quick Guide
Het instructieboekje en de Quick Guide dat/die bij de auto zijn geleverd, bevatten de meest actuele informatie over het desbetreffende model.

Een gedrukte versie van de Quick Guide of het instructieboekje van uw auto, of een exemplaar in een andere taal, kunt u bestellen bij uw Volvo-dealer.


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