Safety Recalls

As pioneers of vehicle safety, Volvo is constantly finding ways to provide you with utmost confidence on  the road, and occasionally Volvo will find an area for improvement that is only identified through on going observation after our vehicles have left the factory. If this does occur, Volvo will instigate a safety campaign on any vehicles that will only benefit by being inspected by trained Volvo technicians.


How do I find out if my car has any outstanding service campaigns?

Volvo will contact you by letter if we suspect that your vehicle has fallen within the range of vehicles manufactured in which there needs to be an investigation. You then contact your authorised Volvo centre and make a booking to have your vehicle examined.

Alternatively, if you would like to know if your vehicle has any outstanding safety campaigns that have not been completed look for your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and contact your nearest authorised Volvo centre on 0800 4 Volvo (0800 486 586), Provide the service department with your VIN number and they will advise if you need to have your Volvo looked at.