Discover Volvo V40 Cross Country

The perfect getaway car

A compact hatch with rugged design cues and increased height. Perfected for a spontaneous adventure.

Solid Build

Rugged core with luxury details

With a raised suspension, 19” wheels, protective trim, and large ergonomic front seats, the V40 Cross Country was made to do just that—go cross-country.


Discover Volvo V40 Cross Country
Volvo V40 Cross Country Car

Breakthrough Control

All-road, all-weather, all you

The V40 Cross Country keeps you comfortably in control, with features like hill-descent control, which uses the braking system to control each wheel’s rotating speed on rough, slippery downhill roads.


Connect with your car

Our cutting-edge technology system perfectly reflects Swedish innovation—minimal, intuitive and designed for maximum enjoyment. 

versions and Editions

The spirit of the sea

With a uniquely luxurious exterior and interior, inspired by the courage and soul of the Volvo Ocean Race.


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