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A equilibrar forma e função há mais de 80 anos.


A nossa filosofia de design




Estilo clássico e design funcional nunca saem de moda.


Descubra o Volvo que roubou a cena a Roger Moore.


Volvos Icónicos

O Volvo de O Santo

Arrojado. Dinâmico. Jovial. O Volvo P1800 até ofuscou Roger Moore no enredo da icónica série da TV dos anos 60 'O Santo'. A Volvo forneceu cinco P1800 para o espectáculo: quatro para as filmagens e um em peças para melhores imagens dos interiores. Quarenta anos mais tarde, o P1800 continua a ser um ícone de estilo no mundo motorizado, que se reflecte actualmente na janela traseira do Volvo C30.




Se não for funcional, não pode ser bonito.


A segurança está no centro de tudo o que fazemos, mesmo o design.


Descubra como concebemos tudo à sua volta.



'Um design ímpar não é apenas uma questão de apurar as formas exteriores. É igualmente importante que o produto seja facilmente apreendido e utilizado. Um produto que não seja funcional, não pode ser bonito. A Filosofia de Design da Volvo Car Corporation


As marcas registadas do design Escandinavo são uma manufactura impecável, simplicidade elegante e funcionalidade. Na Escandinávia, a funcionalidade é tão importante como a estética e, para a Volvo, isso significa colocar beleza e segurança no centro do nosso design.


Na Volvo, a nossa abordagem foi sempre pôr as pessoas primeiro em tudo o que fazemos. Conceber o automóvel em volta do condutor dá-nos a garantia de que os nossos automóveis são mais confortáveis, mais seguros e coloca-o em controlo total.


00:00:07:00 00:00:10:00 This is Volvo’s new car of the future. 00:00:11:00 00:00:13:00 The whole of the design idea for the Concept Universe, 00:00:13:00 00:00:18:00 Is actually about showing what Volvo is and what Volvo stands for. Jonathan Disley | Designer Volvo Cars 00:00:19:00 00:00:27:00 The basic idea was to really capture an image I’d found, which really gave me that feeling of what Volvo is. 00:00:28:00 00:00:36:00 And it was an image of a father with a kind of a collar in wet weather with a baby just inside the jacket here. 00:00:36:00 00:00:47:00 And that feeling of protectiveness, that feeling of family and that feeling of uniqueness and Volvo-ness about that image is what I started sketching around. 00:00:54:00 00:01:00:00 For both Jonathan and Andreas this has been a question of creating something new that strengthens Volvo’s identity. Andreas Nilsson | Designer VolvoCars 00:01:00:00 00:01:06:00 The new features on this car would be the strong character line coming from the very front of the car all the way to the rear. 00:01:06:00 00:01:16:00 And an uninterrupted line taking a very strong bow throughout the car, and also giving us to sculpture around it in a beautiful way. 00:01:17:00 00:01:21:00 To a great extent, car design is about discovering new forms and lines. 00:01:22:00 00:01:26:00 Forms and line that express something that creates emotion and attracts. 00:01:28:00 00:01:32:00 This line here, this goes all the way here. 00:01:33:00 00:01:36:00 What we created here, is something quite special. 00:01:36:00 00:01:42:00 It’s something that is voluptuous, something unique, something very sculptural but something really beautiful and Scandinavian. 00:01:42:00 00:01:47:00 It’s something that we’ve really worked hard at. Keeping simplicity and something fresh, 00:01:48:00 00:01:55:00 all at the same time, but still having a touch of our DNA, our historical products – say, for example, PV444 and Amazon, 00:01:55:00 00:03:03:00 But bringing those into the modern way and actually adding something completely new and fresh to the vehicle and bringing that in a very luxurious way. 00:02:12:00 00:02:14:00 They’ve worked a great deal with the design of the lights. 00:02:15:00 00:02:20:00 Lights can in fact considerably strengthen and enhance the identity of the car. Jonathan Disley | Designer Volvo Cars 00:02:20:00 00:02:28:00 This is like a gummy bear or a wine gum, as we say in England. It’s almost like… I think someone actually almost try to chew off the end already but... 00:02:29:00 00:02:34:00 it’s a different kind of technique for lighting and it’s something I’m quite excited about. Something that is really original. 00:02:35:00 00:02:40:00 Luxury is very important for Volvo Cars. This is really what makes this car something special. 00:02:40:00 00:02:46:00 The way that we formed the sections of the car, the way that we’ve made the metal feel expensive. 00:02:46:00 00:02:55:00 And for that we really need to do something quite unique with the body sections when we have the Volvo Heritage, the Scandinavian luxury we want to create for this car. 00:02:59:00 00:03:07:00 To get that loop, where someone takes your sketches, someone brings in a model, you take that model and you sketch again. 00:03:07:00 00:03:14:00 Then you rework, and everybody has been working together and there has actually been a sliding of paper across the table –what do you think of this, 00:03:14:00 00:03:21:00 and what do we do. And everybody’s giving input. For me that is what a car really is about. And getting teamwork, to be honest with you.

00:00:09:00 00:00:11:00 The Volvo Concept Universe 00:00:13:00 00:00:19:00 gives an insight into how the next generation of large, luxury Volvo sedans might look. 00:00:29:00 00:00:32:00 A car destined for a global audience. 00:00:33:00 00:00:42:00 The Volvo Concept Universe is the combination of work by Volvo’s designers to showcase how Scandinavian design with its minimalism and purity 00:00:42:00 00:00:48:00 might come together with the highest levels of luxury in one beautiful form. 00:00:56:00 00:01:03:00 It’s a great result; it is something we have been striving for - to create something very luxurious and something fresh all at the same time. 00:01:03:00 00:01:09:00 But still having a touch of our DNA, our historical products – say, for example, the PV444 and Amazon. 00:01:22:00 00:01:24:00 It is a different kind of technique for lighting 00:01:25:00 00:01:28:00 and it is something that we are quite excited about. Something that is really original. 00:01:29:00 00:01:45:00 The grill is deep and layered to give a unique feeling of a universe but also to bring cooling to the intercoolers. 00:01:39:00 00:01:44:00 The wheels are dished and give a great stance - something that is very sporty, but also very elegant. 00:01:54:00 00:02:02:00 Designs that are durable and stand the test of time, this is what you can expect from tomorrows luxury cars. 00:02:06:00 00:02:12:00 But what the designers at Volvo Cars have created is just the beginning. 00:02:14:00 00:02:19:00 And hopefully people love it enough to actually say - go ahead Volvo, let’s make this. 00:02:22:00 00:02:25:00 CONCEPT UNIVERSE