With its rugged design cues, increased ride height and a whole range of technological innovations,

the V40 Cross Country is your perfect companion for a spontaneous adventure.

All The Power You Need

The V40 Cross Country T4 features advanced turbo technology to maximise your driving experience without compromising fuel efficiency. You’ll simply get more out of less.

Tough On The Outside

The rugged design of the Volvo V40 Cross Country includes protective body panels, bigger wheels and tyres and an increased ride height, making rutted tracks and rough ground less of a challenge. It incorporates all the best of contemporary Scandinavian design, with added attitude.

Keeping You Protected

The Volvo V40 Cross Country benefits from class-leading automotive safety, featuring a range of innovative technologies including Adaptive Cruise Control, Pedestrian Airbag technology, Pedestrian Detection with full auto-brake and City Safety, which automatically brakes the car in an emergency at speeds of up to 50km/h. It’s all part of IntelliSafe, our complete approach to car safety.

Get more energy

The panoramic glass roof gives you a vitalising dose of light. It also adds a luxurious touch to any journey – wherever you're seated. Prepare to get energised.

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Honestly, who likes to park?

Park Assist Pilot makes parallel parking less of a hassle and can park your V40 Cross Country automatically. All you have to do is control the speed and direction of the car while the technology takes care of the rest.

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Pedestrian airbag

Should there ever be a frontal collision between your V40 Cross Country and an unprotected road user, the pedestrian airbag will help reduce the severity of pedestrian injury. This Volvo safety world first innovation is an important step to reduce the consequences of frontal collisions between cars and pedestrians.

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Just The Way You Want It

The Volvo V40 Cross Country’s ergonomically designed seats feature a unique two-tone design and accent stitching. As part of our Sensus philosophy, you can adjust the brightness of the interior LED lights as well as choose from seven different theatre light modes to create your desired ambience. Or switch to temperature lighting, which automatically envelops the interior in colours that match your climate control settings.

Stay In Control

Nothing challenges us like the task of creating the perfect driving experience. And no resources have been spared to achieve our most adventurous and personal cross country car ever. This means that you’ll always be in command, whatever the terrain – or the weather – has in store for you