Volvo Cars Brand Experience Centre

Volvo Cars Brand Experience Centre

Are you driving eco-smart? Would you like to see if you could handle a dangerous situation while on the phone? The Volvo Cars Brand Experience Centre is a captivating experience for all your senses, open to companies, organisations and technology-oriented schools.

Environment exhibition

Volvo Cars Brand Experience CentreClimate change, emissions, recycling and allergies are things that concern us all. The environment exhibition lets you test the environmental impact of different fuels during the entire lifecycle, you get to see how Volvo works to reduce emissions, you can follow a car all the way to the scrapyard and much more. You can also test if your driving style is eco-friendly and we’ll show you how to do a favour to both your wallet and the environment!

Learn more about Volvo Cars' care for the environment.

Safety Exhibition

Volvo Cars Brand Experience CentreExperience the most advanced safety work in the world. Test your reactions and how distractions such as mobile phones affect you, how much you weigh at different speeds and much more.

In the safety exhibition we will show you crashed cars and how we work to increase safety for all road users. It displays the unique safety work carried out by Volvo and is both a thrilling and learning experience. Come and see for yourself!

Learn more about Volvos work on safety.


Who can book?

The Volvo Cars Brand Experience Centre is open to authorities, organisations, companies, schools and journalists whose daily work involves issues of safety and the environment.

Book a tour of one or both sections here. Each exhibition takes about an hour.