Social responsibility

Social responsibility

 Diversity is a prerequisite for being a successful company, not least of all with a global business operation like Volvo Car Corporation. It is important in attracting new employees, customers and joint-venture partners. Volvo Cars has zero tolerance towards discrimination and works actively to achieve an inclusive culture.

To reach the goals of our Company philosophy and create sustainable profitability, it is important to support employees at all levels. Diversity, health and safety, long-term leadership and development programs are all cornerstones. The company must be able to anticipate changes. The key to success lies in Volvo Cars’ employees and their ability to learn, create new opportunities and quickly implement changes. Employees are Volvo Cars’ most important asset and the source of our competitive advantage. During 2008, the company placed significant emphasis on competence and development. We strive to offer employees stimulating work tasks.



Case Study - Network to support profitability

The year 2007 saw the conclusion of a program to reduce sickness absenteeism that had been under way for two and a half years. The drop in the number of sick days taken exceeded expectations and the goal was achieved. These results confirm the positive trend that Volvo Cars has seen since strategies, action plans and goals were set during 2005 and 2006.








Through systematic efforts throughout the company to reduce risks in the workplace, the number of accidents and workplace injuries has steadily fallen over a sustained period of time. Several processes based on having the clear involvement of all managers, as well as a focus on reporting and follow-up of incidents and risks, have resulted in a reduction in the number of accidents.








Volvo Car Corporation has a social responsibility towards our suppliers, who have been instrumental to t he company's success. Some 70 percent of a car's value comes from the suppliers. We have approximately 400 suppliers that provide components for cars and about 3,200 that provide the company with other products and services. Volvo Cars' strive after responsible relationships, for example by having a Code of Conduct for all suppliers to follow.