Welcome to Embark, a quarterly events programme organised exclusively for Volvo owners and their families. We would like to invite you to embark on an adventure with us, as we learn new skills and explore exciting activities, all designed around you.

If you would like to attend any of our current Embark events, please email Jerald with your name, Volvo vehicle number and contact information.

Do you have suggestions and comments on our Embark events? Get in touch with us here.
Current Events

August: Happiness is a Journey – by Lim Kok Wee
A photographer by profession, Lim Kok Wee lives his passions beyond boundaries. When he is not capturing precious moments, Lim Kok Wee expands his insights through traveling. In this exhibition series, Lim Kok Wee showcases images from Padang and Cebu taken in 2009 and 2010 respectively. He visited these countries as part of Crossing Bridges, an annual photography trip which gathers South East Asia's largest photography communities.

September: Metamorphosis – by Manuel Vega (Nolet) Soliven II
For Manuel Vega (Nolet) Soliven II, becoming a visual artist was the answer to self discovery and self expression. His first step was acquiring the skills and vocabulary in painting, which culminated in a degree from the University of the Philippines, College of Fine Arts, in 1998. In 2003-2005, Manuel Vega (Nolet) Soliven II went on a study grant to the Academia di Belle Arti, Florence, Italy. This has influenced and enriched his art, evidenced from skilful figurative works, to a kaleidescope of colors in abstract. Come experience the Metamorphosis of consciousness and change through Art, in Manuel Vega (Nolet) Soliven II's third show in Singapore.

October: Intuitively Precise – by Chow Yee Ling
Yee Ling Chow is a Chinese American artist living in Singapore. Upon her return to Asia from the US, she has traveled around the region extensively, and was deeply inspired by its people, the culture, and the beauty of nature.

Having lived in Singapore since 1996, Yee Ling has been exposed to the vibrant colors of its landscape, a rich multi-cultural heritage, which reminds her of her roots, and her dreams, while awakening in her a sense of creativity and passion for art. She decided to take up futher studies at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art, which has deepened her appreciation, allowing her to continue to pursue her journey in art.

Intuitively Precise” takes you into this journey of art, from realism to abstract, and to semi-abstract.

Yee Ling’s art works reveal a quality of free spirit, energy, and harmony. “Just like the Yin and Yang!”_______Yee Ling

August Art Exhibition

Date: 3 Aug (Fri) - 31 Aug (Fri)

September Art Exhibition

Date: 1 Sep (Sat) - 30 Sep (Sun)

Octorber Art Exhibition

Date: 5 Oct (Fri) – 30 Oct (Tue)

Venue: The Volvo Art Loft, 2nd floor, Volvo Showroom


All Volvo owners are entitled to complimentary usage of the Volvo Art Loft twice a year for corporate events*.
Please contact Adele at adele.lee@wearnes.com for more details or to make your booking.

*Available weekdays 9am – 7pm, on a first-come-first-served basis. Subject to availability. Terms apply.


Not knowing which wine label to order at a restaurant? Having difficulties pairing your dishes with the right wine?

Brought to you by The Wine Gallery, learn how to appreciate a glass of wine like a Sommelier. You will also learn how to distinguish the different aromas in the wine and gain tips on food and wine pairing. The most enjoyable part would be to taste the 5 different grape varietals.

Date: 21 Aug (Tue)

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Venue: The Volvo Art Loft, Volvo Showroom

Group size: 30 participants

Fees: $35 per person

Registration: : Please email Jerald (jerald.tan@wearnes.com) with your name, Volvo vehicle number and contact information.

Closing date: 16 August (Thu).

Details: Each owner is entitled to register 1 guest. Light refreshments will be served. A drive-home valet service will be available for $30.


This September holidays, let your children's creative juices flow through the moulding of their favourite Angry Bird characters. Clay moulding is not only excellent in enhancing eye-hand coordination but also boosting creativity in children. Away from their daily routine, your children can experience the fun way of art learning through play.

Date: 4 Sep (Tue)

Time: 10am - 12pm

Venue: The Volvo Art Loft, Volvo Showroom

Group size:  20 children

Fees:  $25 per child

Registration:  Please email Zoe (zoe_chua@hansart.sg) or call 6552 3505 with your name, Volvo vehicle number, contact information and number of children to register.

Closing date:  30 Aug (Thu)

Details: Each owner is entitled to register 2 children. Light refreshments will be served.


In celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, learn how to make traditional chilled snowskin mooncake in pandan and banana flavours with lotus filling. You will be taught techniques on mastering the intricacies of making the snowskin, followed by a hands-on demonstration. Practice makes perfect and soon, you will be able to bring 4 delicious hand-made mooncakes home for your loved ones.

Date: 27 Sep (Thu)

Time: 10.30am – 12pm

Venue: The Volvo Art Loft, Volvo Showroom

Fees: $50 per person

Registration: Please email Jerald (jerald.tan@wearnes.com) with your name, Volvo vehicle number and contact information.

Closing date: 24 Sep (Mon)

Details: : Each owner is entitled to register 1 guest. Light refreshments will be served.