Jeremy Lin and Volvo

Jeremy Lin joins the Volvo Family

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00:00:06:00 00:00:08:00 Good afternoon, everybody. 00:00:08:00 00:00:09:00 My name's John Maloney. 00:00:09:00 00:00:12:00 I'm President and CEO of Volvo Cars of North America. 00:00:12:00 00:00:14:00 I get to host you in the great city of New York today. 00:00:14:00 00:00:16:00 Volvo's about to make an exciting announcement, 00:00:16:00 00:00:19:00 and I'd like to bring my friend and colleague Freeman Shen, 00:00:19:00 00:00:21:00 Senior Vice-President of Volvo Car Corporation 00:00:21:00 00:00:23:00 and chairman of our Volvo China Operations up 00:00:23:00 00:00:25:00 Freeman? 00:00:25:00 00:00:29:00 Thank you, John. 00:00:29:00 00:00:34:00 Dear media friends, ladies, and gentlemen, good afternoon. 00:00:34:00 00:00:36:00 We are delighted today 00:00:36:00 00:00:41:00 to have you with us to share in this very special event. 00:00:41:00 00:00:44:00 Today you will witness a significant moment 00:00:44:00 00:00:47:00 in the history of Volvo Car Corporation. 00:00:47:00 00:00:52:00 I'm here to proudly announce that Mr. Jeremy Shu-How Lin, 00:00:52:00 00:00:56:00 the rising NBA star, world-recognized athlete, 00:00:56:00 00:01:00:00 will become Volvo Car Corporation's brand ambassador, 00:01:00:00 00:01:06:00 with focus on China, United States, and Chinese-language markets in Asia. 00:01:06:00 00:01:09:00 This is a very significant moment for Volvo Car Corporation, 00:01:09:00 00:01:13:00 showcasing the new Volvo brand strategy Designed Around You 00:01:13:00 00:01:16:00 with sportsmanship and intelligence. 00:01:16:00 00:01:20:00 In the new era, China is already Volvo's second home market. 00:01:20:00 00:01:23:00 Here, years of rapid economic growth 00:01:23:00 00:01:28:00 have nurtured strong aspirations for achievement 00:01:28:00 00:01:32:00 while young people are increasingly interested in luxury cars. 00:01:32:00 00:01:35:00 In the face of this new market environment, 00:01:35:00 00:01:41:00 the Volvo Car brand is being perceived as more youthful, active, and dynamic. 00:01:41:00 00:01:45:00 Our vision is to become the world's most progressive luxury car, 00:01:45:00 00:01:48:00 and that we design the products, services, and experiences 00:01:48:00 00:01:52:00 around customers! Jeremy Lin embodies 00:01:52:00 00:01:55:00 a lot of shared value with Volvo Car Corporation, 00:01:55:00 00:01:58:00 being smart and nimble, driven and focused. 00:01:58:00 00:02:01:00 Progressive and strong in every sense. 00:02:01:00 00:02:05:00 That's why the Linsanity sensation immediately drew our attention, 00:02:05:00 00:02:10:00 and we decided to invite Jeremy Lin to become our company ambassador. 00:02:10:00 00:02:14:00 Jeremy excited the world with his miraculous performances 00:02:14:00 00:02:18:00 and breakthroughs on the basketball court. 00:02:18:00 00:02:22:00 Since then, he has been featured across the world's press 00:02:22:00 00:02:26:00 and become an icon for sports fans around the world. 00:02:26:00 00:02:30:00 However, our relationship with Jeremy is not only based on fame 00:02:30:00 00:02:35:00 but also derives from our shared values of progressiveness, 00:02:35:00 00:02:41:00 cultivation, dynamism, elegance, and versatility. 00:02:41:00 00:02:42:00 Jeremy is well-educated. 00:02:42:00 00:02:46:00 He displays great judgment and personal character. 00:02:46:00 00:02:49:00 He is intelligent yet understated. 00:02:49:00 00:02:53:00 These traits can also be found in Volvo Car owners. 00:02:53:00 00:02:57:00 They are very successful, cultivated, and visionary people 00:02:57:00 00:03:00:00 who treasure a modern luxury experience. 00:03:00:00 00:03:03:00 Last but not least, I would like to wish Jeremy 00:03:03:00 00:03:06:00 and the Knicks Team every success. 00:03:06:00 00:03:09:00 For Volvo Car Corporation, I'm sure the journey with Jeremy 00:03:09:00 00:03:12:00 will be enjoyable and inspiring. 00:03:12:00 00:03:15:00 Thank you all again for your attention. 00:03:15:00 00:03:21:00 I would like to bring up my colleague Mr. John Maloney, the U.S. CEO... 00:03:22:00 00:03:24:00 Thank you. 00:03:25:00 00:03:28:00 As Freeman said, the relationship also spans the United States, 00:03:28:00 00:03:32:00 and from a U.S. perspective, I'm very pleased to announce this association 00:03:32:00 00:03:35:00 because we all know Jeremy has become a global cultural phenomenon. 00:03:35:00 00:03:37:00 Due, really, to his unique combination 00:03:37:00 00:03:39:00 of athletic skills and personal values, 00:03:39:00 00:03:42:00 he really embodies the best of the human spirit -- 00:03:42:00 00:03:44:00 intelligence, dynamism, optimism, 00:03:44:00 00:03:46:00 humor -- if you watch his YouTube channel -- 00:03:46:00 00:03:47:00 commitment, and compassion, 00:03:47:00 00:03:50:00 and comes from a great family, who I've had the pleasure to meet. 00:03:50:00 00:03:52:00 These traits make Jeremy an excellent fit for Volvo, 00:03:52:00 00:03:55:00 a world-class brand long known for human values 00:03:55:00 00:03:58:00 and increasingly becoming known for design and performance. 00:03:58:00 00:04:01:00 I'm very proud, and we're very proud to be associated with Jeremy 00:04:01:00 00:04:03:00 and look forward to incorporating him in our U.S. marketing 00:04:03:00 00:04:05:00 and promotional messages. 00:04:05:00 00:04:06:00 It'll be an exciting time for us. 00:04:06:00 00:04:08:00 I'd like to bring up Richard Monturo, 00:04:08:00 00:04:09:00 our Vice-President of Global Marketing, 00:04:09:00 00:04:12:00 to talk about the global view and a global relationship. 00:04:12:00 00:04:13:00 Richard. 00:04:13:00 00:04:15:00 Thanks, John. 00:04:16:00 00:04:18:00 Good afternoon, everybody, and welcome. 00:04:18:00 00:04:21:00 I'm the only thing standing between you and Jeremy Lin, 00:04:21:00 00:04:23:00 so I will talk fairly quickly. 00:04:23:00 00:04:26:00 To our overseas media friends, thank you very much 00:04:26:00 00:04:28:00 for coming to New York on this very exciting day. 00:04:28:00 00:04:30:00 To Jeremy and the Lin family, 00:04:30:00 00:04:34:00 thank you for being with us today at Volvo Cars. 00:04:34:00 00:04:36:00 Freeman talked a little bit about 00:04:36:00 00:04:38:00 why our company was interested in Jeremy. 00:04:38:00 00:04:41:00 I want to talk a little bit about the brand and Jeremy Lin 00:04:41:00 00:04:44:00 and what we think we have in common. 00:04:44:00 00:04:47:00 We've been as excited as anybody else in the world 00:04:47:00 00:04:52:00 watching this story unfold because it's a human story. 00:04:52:00 00:04:55:00 It's about human potential, it's about realizing your dreams. 00:04:55:00 00:04:59:00 And our founders started Volvo in 1927 00:04:59:00 00:05:02:00 with this similar human understanding, 00:05:02:00 00:05:05:00 that cars ultimately are driven by people, 00:05:05:00 00:05:08:00 and understanding people is what we think makes our car company 00:05:08:00 00:05:10:00 a little bit different from others. 00:05:10:00 00:05:14:00 At Volvo Car Corporation, everything we do is designed around people, 00:05:14:00 00:05:17:00 and it's Jeremy the person that makes him 00:05:17:00 00:05:22:00 and his story so compelling to us all over the world. 00:05:22:00 00:05:25:05 I joked with Jeremy that we have a very comfortable market share 00:05:25:00 00:05:28:00 with his former Harvard professors, 00:05:28:00 00:05:32:00 and now we would like to reach out to all of his fans all over the world. 00:05:32:00 00:05:36:00 If you go online and see what people are saying about him on blogs, 00:05:36:00 00:05:39:00 in chatrooms, in social-media places, 00:05:39:00 00:05:42:00 as John mentioned, check out his YouTube channel, 00:05:42:00 00:05:46:00 you get to really see what makes Jeremy Lin interesting to us. 00:05:46:00 00:05:49:00 We tell our customers that we offer them 00:05:49:00 00:05:51:00 a contemporary luxury experience. 00:05:51:00 00:05:53:00 It's modern. It's progressive. 00:05:53:00 00:05:56:00 It makes you feel special, and that's Jeremy. 00:05:56:00 00:05:59:00 We make sure that what we do is created around people, 00:05:59:00 00:06:03:00 a team coming together to get the job done and excite people. 00:06:03:00 00:06:05:00 That's Jeremy, too. 00:06:05:00 00:06:08:00 And we build cars with strength in every sense. 00:06:08:00 00:06:10:00 They're smart, they're valuable, they're tough, 00:06:10:00 00:06:13:00 they're secure, and they're able to go the distance. 00:06:13:00 00:06:15:00 And from what we've seen this season, 00:06:15:00 00:06:17:00 that is most definitely Jeremy. 00:06:17:00 00:06:20:00 So, we like to say, when you choose Volvo Cars, 00:06:20:00 00:06:23:00 you become a member of our family. 00:06:23:00 00:06:26:00 And so, today, we want to welcome Jeremy and his family to our family, 00:06:26:00 00:06:29:00 and we hope you'll enjoy the story that comes. 00:06:29:00 00:06:33:00 Ladies and gentlemen, I want to introduce Mr. Jeremy Lin. 00:06:44:00 00:06:48:00 Well, I just want to thank everyone for coming out here today. 00:06:48:00 00:06:51:00 Obviously, it's very exciting for me to be a part 00:06:51:00 00:06:53:00 of the Volvo Cars brand and company 00:06:53:00 00:06:55:00 and to be an ambassador for them today. 00:06:55:00 00:06:59:00 A lot of you guys might be wondering why, you know, 00:06:59:00 00:07:03:00 we decided to partner with Volvo, and two main reasons -- 00:07:03:00 00:07:05:00 The first is fundamentals. 00:07:05:00 00:07:09:00 I think the foundation that the company is built upon, 00:07:09:00 00:07:13:00 what they stand for is very in line with what I believe in, 00:07:13:00 00:07:16:00 how I grew up as a person. 00:07:16:00 00:07:18:00 they have really high quality 00:07:18:00 00:07:21:00 when it comes to their cars 00:07:21:00 00:07:23:00 and the way they build their cars. 00:07:23:00 00:07:26:00 And, at the same time, it's a very affordable price, 00:07:26:00 00:07:29:00 and I thought, "That's one of the big things for me growing up." 00:07:29:00 00:07:35:00 I never had the super luxurious cars or watches or whatever it may be, 00:07:35:00 00:07:39:00 and for me to be able to find a car company that has high quality 00:07:39:00 00:07:44:00 but is also affordable and relatable is very important to me. 00:07:44:00 00:07:47:00 Also, just, you know, some of the things they believe in, 00:07:47:00 00:07:52:00 whether it's power and toughness or strong materials, 00:07:52:00 00:07:55:00 the safety systems, being the top in safety -- 00:07:55:00 00:07:58:00 those are all things that I believe in as well. 00:07:58:00 00:08:01:00 The second thing, also, is continued progress -- 00:08:01:00 00:08:04:00 to continue improving every day, every year. 00:08:04:00 00:08:07:00 For me, obviously, just continue to get better as a basketball player, 00:08:07:00 00:08:09:00 as a person off the court. 00:08:09:00 00:08:14:00 For them, you know, their style, their designs, their performance, 00:08:14:00 00:08:17:00 the safety -- continuing to progress every single year 00:08:17:00 00:08:20:00 and pushing themselves to become better. 00:08:20:00 00:08:23:00 And so, at the end of the day, this was a great decision 00:08:23:00 00:08:25:00 and a great match for me, 00:08:25:00 00:08:29:00 and hopefully, you know, I can, along with Volvo, 00:08:29:00 00:08:34:00 inspire young kids to pursue their dreams, 00:08:34:00 00:08:36:00 whether it's education or sports, their ambitions, 00:08:36:00 00:08:39:00 and to be able to pursue them, 00:08:39:00 00:08:42:00 and hopefully we can be a good role model. 00:08:42:00 00:08:46:00 Thank you.

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Dynamic, innovative and understated - words that can be used to describe Volvo also apply to our newest familiy member Jeremy Lin. Volvo is proud to announce that basketball superstar Jeremy Lin will be featured in 2012 marketing initiatives in China and the US. Welcome to the team Jeremy.

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